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Merge vs2010 branch.

Turns out no sweeping changes were required to get the code base to work with VS2010, and since people seem to be interested in contributing changes and bug fixes, keeping a buildable version in master makes more sense. Original code base has been tagged 'original' for historic reference.
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1 parent 5350566 commit 6f8655112764fb2c1d18b81ecac4c6d8d0f8ae79 @rygorous rygorous committed with Apr 17, 2012
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@@ -10,10 +10,14 @@ a bunch of different versions of Visual Studio. Some of it is really tricky
to compile, some really easy. There's some nice clean stuff there, other parts
are just a complete mess.
-We haven't tried to get any of this to run. We'll probably go over everything
-and try to get it to compile with VS2010 soon, but no promises - if I can't
-get it to work, then well, it won't compile :). You can still look at the
-source, of course. UPDATE: Check out the "vs2010" branch.
+The original unmodified code (with a few bug fixes) is archived under the
+"original" tag, in case there's historical interest, but as of April 16, 2012
+the master branch of this repository contains code that builds with Visual
+Studio 2010 (which is presumably more useful to people). We originally
+anticipated that getting everything to work with a recent compiler would
+prove difficult, but it turned out to be fairly easy and required only small
+changes to the code base, so there's little value in keeping the two branches
All of this is released either under a BSD license or put in the public
domain (stated per project). Not that you're likely to want to use most of
@@ -62,16 +66,6 @@ So, here's the sightseeing tips:
If someone really wants a close-to-original werkkzeug3 kkrieger tree, it should
be possible to do dig up something from 2004 :)
-As a general rule, the "master" branch contains the original, unmodified code.
-There's a second branch ("vs2010") that contains project files and fixes to
-make the code compile (more or less) cleanly with VS2010. If you want to
-actually build any of this, that's the way to go, though of course it won't
-match the original projects or have the original size; but since this
-repository in general contains versions of the tools and players that are more
-recent than any production released with them, it would be hard to get the
-"original" executables back anyway, even if you had the necessary compilers,
-tools and libraries.
Contributors (in alphabetical order):
* Fabian "ryg" Giesen: GenThree, kkrunchy, kkrunchy_k7, ktg, lekktor, RG2,
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