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Spock Web Console
Spock Web Console is a place to learn about Spock, the testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications. The code base is a fork of Groovy Web Console and hosted on GitHub. The application is hosted on Google App Engine.

Building the Project
The build is based on the Gradle build system (http://www.gradle.org).

Type: ./gradlew war (Windows: gradlew war)

If not already present, the Gradle distribution and build dependencies will be downloaded automatically.

Embedding a Spock Script
To embed a Spock script in your site, use the following snippet:

	gc_id = 1;       // the script ID as stated in the script's URL
	gc_width = 300;  // the iframe's width
	gc_height = 100; // the iframe's height
<script language="javascript" src="http://meet.spockframework.org/js/embed.js"></script>

Spock Web Console          http://meet.spockframework.org
Spock Web Console Project  http://github.com/pniederw/spockwebconsole
Spock Framework Homepage   http://spockframework.org

Groovy Web Console         http://groovyconsole.appspot.com
Groovy Web Console Project http://github.com/glaforge/groovywebconsole