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The aim of this script is to import automatically your pictures from your Eyeem account (https://www.eyeem.com) to your Koken installation (http://koken.me/)

Eyeem2koken is also a good way to backup your Eyeem pictures.

It also keeps datas from Eyeem and transferts the biggest picture available on Eyeem to koken.

This is working with the Eyeem API, the koken API, and could be used with cron.

What you need

  • A Eyeem Account
  • A koken installation
  • A server where you can setup a crontab


more detailled here : (https://github.com/pnizet/eyeem2koken/wiki/Setup.php)

  • Launch setup.php

  • Open the config.php file on your server and modifiy your EyeemClientID, EyeemClientSecret, your eyeem username and the url of your koken installation.

  • Refresh setup.php

  • Eyeem access Token :

    • Click on the provided button.
    • Now your Eyeem token is configured !
  • koken access token :

    • Click on the provided button to get yours
    • Grant Acces
    • Click on "Applications" (Left panel of your koken backend)
    • Copy the token value corresponding to eyeem2koken
    • Paste it on the line $koken_token = "YOUR_KOKEN_TOKEN";
  • Refresh setup.php

  • You need to get a local copy of https://github.com/lsolesen/pel. There is 2 way to do it :

  • Setup is done !

Using it

  • You can import all your pictures launching eyeem2koken_import_all.php (takes few seconds per pictures)

  • You can import one picture by launching eyeem2koken_import_one.php

  • launch the following command sudo vi /etc/crontab

  • press i and the paste the following line at the beginning of the file : 5 * * * * root cd [YOUR_PATH]/eyeem2koken; php -f eyeem2koken_import_one.php (don't forget to change [YOUR_PATH])

  • press :x Once it's done the script will execute every 5 minutes to check if there is a new picture on your eyeem account and will upload it to your koken install.

Todo (Wanna Help ?!)

  • Include GPS in the exif
  • Improve setup.php for the koken part


  • Code could be improved for sure (I'm an amateur codeur)
  • There is no doc concerning the Koken API (it as been ""reverse-engineered"" by reading the code)