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Computational Biology @Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

This site is for repositories for computational biology work performed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a Department of Energy National Laboratory.

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  1. 3D_Scaffold 3D_Scaffold Public

    Python 25 4

  2. decomprolute decomprolute Public

    A suite of scientific workflows to assess metrics to compare efficacy of protein-based tumor deconvolution algorithms.

    Common Workflow Language 14 3

  3. Snekmer Snekmer Public

    Pipeline to apply encoded Kmer analysis to protein sequences

    Python 12 1

  4. coderdata coderdata Public

    Automation scripts and benchmark dataset package for cancer drug prediction deep learning models.

    Jupyter Notebook 11 3

  5. pf-gnn_pli pf-gnn_pli Public

    Python 10 5

  6. perseq perseq Public

    🍰 Per sequence functional classification and taxonomic assignments

    HTML 7


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