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This is repository of all the utility classes I've written for my own purposes

Directory Structure

  • bin
    • to grab the CWD and pass it to the jam build system
    • build.bat to first call visual studio's setenv batch file and then pass off to
  • jamcore
    • the location of the various jam configuration files split up according to target/platform specificity
  • src
    • libs
      • all of the various basic libs that any of my applications can use
    • samples
      • a place for all the applications I write with those libs to live
  • vim
    • vim configuration files


  • Environment variables
    • LIBPHIL_BASEDIR - The path to parent directory of the libphil directory structure. This is the only required environment variable
  • Jam variables (settable with the -s command line argument)
    • LIBPHIL_CWD - What part of the code tree you want to build
    • LIBPHIL_TARGETPLAT - 'winvs' or 'wingcc'
    • LIBPHIL_BUILDTYPE - 'debug' or 'release'


  • Long term plans / ideas I have for libPhil can be found here