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FW Profile

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C Implementation of an unambiguous definition of State Machines and Activity Diagrams for Safety-Critical, Real-Time and Embedded Applications. See the definition of the profile and the user manual of its C implementation.

Its main features are:

  • Well-Defined Semantics: clearly and unambiguously defined behaviour.
  • Minimal Memory Requirements: core module footprint of a few kBytes.
  • Small CPU Demands: one single level of indirection (due to actions and guards being implemented as function pointers).
  • Excellent Scalability: memory footprint and CPU demands are independent of number and size of state machine and procedure instances.
  • High Reliability: test suite with 100% code, branch, and condition coverage (excluding error branches for system calls).
  • Formal Specification: user requirements formally specify the implementation.
  • Requirement Traceability: all requirements are individually traced to their implementation and to verification evidence.
  • Documented Code: doxygen documentation for all the source code.
  • Demo Application: complete application demonstrating capabilities and mode of use.
  • Support for Extensibility: an inheritance-like mechanism is provided through which a derived state machine or a derived procedure is created from a base state machine or base procedure by overriding some of its actions or guards.
  • Processor Architecture Independence: independent of processor architecture, suitable for 8, 16, 32, 64-bit systems.
  • Simple programming interface: allowing fast manual definition of state machines or activity diagrams directly at the C code level, or development of a code generator for a UML modeling tool.

Web-Based Modeling Tool and Code Generator

The FW Profile Editor is available as a web-based tool to help design FW Profile state machines and procedures and to automate the generation of the C-code which configures them. The tool can be accessed from here.

The FW Profile Editor is also available for local installations at customer sites. Please contact the developers at this e-mail address.


A collection of examples is published by GitBook, get the online access here.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of FAQs is available here.


The owner of the project is P&P Software GmbH.


Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the Mozilla Public Licence v2 see LICENSE.


C Implementation of UML State Machines and Activity Diagrams for Safety-Critical, Real-Time and Embedded Applications.





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