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Minimal Path to Awesome

The shortest way to prepare your local copy of the project for development and testing.

Install prerequisites

Before you start contributing to this project, you will need Node.js. This project has been tested with the LTS version of Node.js and the version of NPM that comes with it.

Get the local version of the CLI

  • fork this repository
  • clone your fork
  • in the command line:
    • run npm i to restore dependencies
    • run npm run build to build the project
    • run npm test to run test and check current code coverage
    • run npm link to install the project locally. This is useful if you want to test your changes to the CLI in the CLI itself. After linking the local package, you can start your local version of the CLI by typing in the command line office365.

If you installed the CLI globally using the npm i -g @pnp/office365-cli command, we recommend that you uninstall it first, before running npm link

After changing the code, run the npm run build command to rebuild the project and see your changes integrated in the local version of the CLI.

If you renamed files:

  • in the command line:
    • run npm run clean to clean up the output folder
    • run npm run build to rebuild the project
    • run npm link to reinstall the project locally. Without this step, you will get an error, when trying to start the local version of the CLI.


Office 365 CLI uses MkDocs to publish documentation pages. See more information about installing MkDocs on your operating system at

Once you have MkDocs installed on your machine, in the command line:

  • run cd ./docs/manual to change directory to where the manual pages are stored
  • run mkdocs serve to start the local web server with MkDocs and view the documentation in the web browser