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Targeted for learning the basics around submitting PRs and making changes in GitHub
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SharePoint Patterns and Practices

Sharing-Is-Caring Initiatives

The "Sharing Is Caring" repository is targeted for learning the basics around making changes in GitHub, submitting pull requests to the PnP repositories and coming soon...PnP Contrbution Rewards.

PnP Contribution Guidance & Assistance

Are you looking to contribute to the OfficeDevPnP community for the first time? Have a fantastic sample you would like to contribute to the community, such as a web part, extension or list formatting definition, but are unfamiliar or intimidated by the GitHub pull request process?

Personal & hands-on assistance is here for YOU!

Please see the Sharing-Is-Caring Contribution Guidance Opportunities to learn more about the different resources/options available to provide you experience with the contribution process.

PnP Contribution Challenge Rewards

More Information Coming Soon!

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