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Install or upgrade with PnP Powershell

This setup package is designed to either create a fresh new install or upgrade existing setup.


A recent version of PnP Powershell is needed to be installed (It should support PnP Tenant Templates)

To install the latest version of PnP PowerShell, the following command can be used

Install-Module SharePointPnPPowershellOnline -Force

Run the setup script

The script setup.ps1 is located here

Setup script parameters


# Basic command
.\setup.ps1 -tenantName contoso
# Configuring the path of the site in the URL
.\setup.ps1 -tenantName contoso -sitePath SDStudio
# Using generic credentials registered in Windows Credential Manager
.\setup.ps1 -tenantName contoso -credentialsName MyCreds

[!NOTE] Support for MFA using PnP PowerShell -WebLogin parameter has been retired since it was causing issues when applying the PnP templates. an alternative solution will be provided soon.

Install with Office 365 CLI

Coming soon