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Portal Footer Application Customizer

This application customizer provides you the ability to include a footer designed for the primary portal or hub site. The footer includes sets of links as well as a copyright statement and support email address.

One set of links provides company wide links which are configured using a common list stored within the hub site. A second set of links are personalized links, unqiue to each user, stored within each user's user profile within a user profile property.

By default, this application customizer is associated with communication sites created using the custom site design i.e. {Company name} Communication Site, provided in this project. The custom site design is provisioined as a part of the deployment process while applying the PnP Provisioning template, hubsite.xml.

Portal Footer

Extension details

This extension is dependent on an explicit source list of common links and an explicit personalItems user profile property for personal link storage. By default the source list is created during the Starter Kit deployment process. The User Profile property must be manually created.

Description Name Type Required Description
Common link list title linksListTitle string yes Default: PnP-PortalFooter-Links - The name of the list within the current site where common links are stored
Copyright Message copyright string yes Default: (c) Copyright {Company}, 2018 - a copyright message
Support Contact support string yes Default: - a support or contact email address
User Profile Property Name personalItemsStorageProperty string yes Default: PnP-CollabFooter-MyLinks - The name of the custom user profile property used to store custom footer links

Portal Footer Links list details

This extension is dependent on a explicit PnP-PortalFooter-Links list that must be located in the root of the current site collection.

Display Name Name Type Required Description
Title Title string yes Link title
Link Group PnPPortalLinkGroup choice no The group for a specific link
Link URL PnPPortalLinkUrl URL no The url for a specific link

Installing the extension

See getting started from the SP-Starter-Kit repository readme.

You can also download the SharePoint Framework solution package (sppkg) file and install the SPFx solution to your tenant. This extension depends on a SharePoint list and the user profile to store common and user specific links.

As this is a SharePoint Framework extension, you will need to explicitly enable this extension for a specific site using CSOM or REST APIs. You may also auto enable this extension with defined custom properties as a part of a site script using the associateExtension verb. See collabcommunicationsite.json Site Script for an example.


Portal Footer

Source Code

Minimal Path to Awesome

  • Clone this repository
  • Move to Solution folder
  • in the command line run:
    • npm install
    • gulp serve

Since this is an extension, debugging requires slightly more advance configuration. Please learn more from the official SharePoint development documentation on debugging options with SharePoint Framework extensions.

Version history

Version Date Comments
1.0 May 2018 Initial release