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People Directory web part

This web part provides you the ability to add a searchable people directory. A people search box and alphabet list are provided to enable both searching by name as well as selecting a specific letter. This web part requires no configuration and utilizes the people search API to surface people results.

People Directory

How to use this web part on your web pages

  1. Place the page you want to add this web part to in edit mode.
  2. Search for and insert the People Directory web part.
  3. Configure the webpart to update its properties.

Configurable Properties

The People Directory web part can be configured with the following properties:

Label Property Type Required Description
Web part title title string no The web part title, editable inline with the web part itself

Installing the web part

See getting started from SP-Starter-Kit repository readme.

You can also download just the SharePoint Framework solution package (spppkg) file and install that to your tenant. This web part does not have external dependencies.


People Directory

Source Code

Minimal Path to Awesome

  • Clone this repository
  • Move to Solution folder
  • in the command line run:
    • npm install
    • gulp serve

Version history

Version Date Comments
1.0 May 2018 Initial release