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@github-actions github-actions released this 09 Oct 11:57
· 94 commits to main since this release

Minor Changes

  • 🚀Performance improvement: Use reflinks instead of hard links by default on macOS and Windows Dev Drives #5001.

  • The list of packages that are allowed to run installation scripts now may be provided in a separate configuration file. The path to the file should be specified via the pnpm.onlyBuiltDependenciesFile field in package.json. For instance:

      "dependencies": {
        "@my-org/policy": "1.0.0"
      "pnpm": {
        "onlyBuiltDependenciesFile": "node_modules/@my-org/policy/allow-build.json"

    In the example above, the list is loaded from a dependency. The JSON file with the list should contain an array of package names. For instance:

    ["esbuild", "@reflink/reflink"]

    With the above list, only esbuild and @reflink/reflink will be allowed to run scripts during installation.

    Related issue: #7137.

  • Add disallow-workspace-cycles option to error instead of warn about cyclic dependencies

  • Allow env rm to remove multiple node versions at once, and introduce env add for installing node versions without setting as default #7155.

Patch Changes

  • Fix memory error in pnpm why when the dependencies tree is too big, the command will now prune the tree to just 10 end leafs and now supports --depth argument #7122.
  • Use neverBuiltDependencies and onlyBuiltDependencies from the root package.json of the workspace, when shared-workspace-lockfile is set to false #7141.
  • Optimize peers resolution to avoid out-of-memory exceptions in some rare cases, when there are too many circular dependencies and peer dependencies #7149.
  • Instead of pnpm.overrides replacing resolutions, the two are now merged. This is intended to make it easier to migrate from Yarn by allowing one to keep using resolutions for Yarn, but adding additional changes just for pnpm using pnpm.overrides.

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