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@github-actions github-actions released this 06 May 10:12
· 39 commits to main since this release

Minor Changes

  • New setting called virtual-store-dir-max-length added to modify the maximum allowed length of the directories inside node_modules/.pnpm. The default length is set to 120 characters. This setting is particularly useful on Windows, where there is a limit to the maximum length of a file path #7355.

Patch Changes

  • A dependency is hoisted to resolve an optional peer dependency only if it satisfies the range provided for the optional peer dependency #8028.
  • Details in the pnpm outdated output are wrapped correctly #8037.
  • Fix Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'missingPeersOfChildren') exception that happens on install #8041.
  • Explicitly throw an error when user attempts to run publish or pack when bundledDependencies is set but node-linker isn't hoisted.
  • pnpm update should not fail when there's an aliased local workspace dependency #7975.

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