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A module which wraps Hydra and ExpressJS into a library for building distributed applications - such as microservices


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Hydra-Express is a light-weight library for building NodeJS and ExpressJS based distributed computing applications. It was announced at EmpireNode 2016.

Hydra offers features such as service discovery, distributed messaging, message load balancing, logging, presence, and health monitoring.

See our quick start guide

Using Hapi, Koa, Sails.js, Restify or Restana then checkout the Hydra Integration Project.


We're building a dedicated documentation site for hydra at: Our older docs are still available at: Full documentation

Interested in running Hydra-express on AWS using Docker containers and Swarm mode? See:

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Are you using or planning on using Hydra on your project? Join us on Slack for more direct support. To join, email with your desired username and email address (for invite).

Related projects

There are many projects on NPM which contain the name hydra. The following are official projects related to the Hydra - microservice library.

  • Hydra: hydra core project for use with Non-ExpressJS apps
  • Hydra-Express: hydra for ExpressJS developers
  • Hydra-Integration: Integrating third-party Node.js web frameworks with Hydra
  • Hydra-Router: A service-aware socket and HTTP API router
  • Hydra-cli: a hydra commandline client for interacting with Hydra-enabled applications
  • Hydra Generator: A Yeoman generator for quickly building hydra-based projects
  • Hydra-plugin-rpc: Create and consume remote procedure calls in hydra with ease
  • Hydra-Cluster: A compute cluster based on Hydra
  • UMF: Universal Message Format, a messaging specification for routable messages