RPG scripts for a pokemon online server
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Trying out a RPG server on PO - can't say I've seen much of those!

Test Server:
- Adv connection:
- Webserver:

You can access the webserver from http://lamperi.name/po.html. It allows you to edit the scripts in real time, and password is given to devs.

For the record here is the old NB RPG script (https://gist.github.com/4169697). It allowed you to:
- start with a team of 6 pokemons, the first pokemon being of your choosing (the rarer the pokes, the less likely you'd get it)
- give you your own OT and Trainer ID, as well as to your pokemon
- managed exp win/loss and money win/loss against other players deoending on the battle results
- level up, move learning, and evolve depending on exp
- happiness change
- manage your own pokemon boxes
- buy / sell items with your money, give/take items from your pokemon
- battle wild pokemons. The script would manage the battle with an approximated damage formula and you can even use healing items or capture the pokemon
- battle gym leaders and win badges
- change locations. You can only battle other players in the same location

All that in 2000 lines of scripts and 500 lines of data.