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Another Game Engine for Haxe js (Haxe 3 only)

AGE is a minimal game engine for making HTML5 games

Version 0.0.1

Feature list

  • A lightweight 2D sprite-based engine for HTML5 canvas
  • Basic text support
  • Mouse support
  • Keyboard support
  • Gamepad support
  • A simple behavior system
  • Basic sound support [WIP]
  • Tilesheet support
  • Animations
  • Basic UI elements [WIP]

Development build

Just run this command line into your terminal

haxelib git AGE src

Add the lib to your project :

-lib AGE

Or just clone the repo and add :

-cp /age/directory/src/

Basic "how to"

Start a new project :


import age.core.Engine;
class Main extends Engine
	public function new() {
		super(800, 600, new MyFirstState(), 60, "#CECECE");

	public static function main() {
		new Main();


import age.display.State;
class MyFirstState extends State
	public function new() {

	public override function create() {
    	trace('Hello world');

    public override function update() {
    	trace('main loop');

Preloader :


import age.core.Engine;
class Main extends Engine
    // [...]

    public static function main()
        Loader.addResource('/path/to/myimg.png', ResourceType.IMAGE, 'img1');
        Loader.addResource('/path/to/mysound.ogg', ResourceType.SOUND, 'snd1');
        Loader.start( function() { new Main(); } );

Add an element to the screen :

add( new Entity(10, 10, "/path/to/myimg.png") );

or if you used the Loader :

add( new Entity(10, 10, "img1") );