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React simple calendar

How to use it

This component is still WIP, so not on NPM yet. In order to use it, in your project:

npm install --save git+

A demo is available here and the source code.

Available properties

Property Type Description
className string if you need to add a class to the Calendar component - default: calendar
currentMonth object The date of the displayed month - by default
cellComponent func A child component to be displayed in the CalendarCell
cellComponentProps any cellComponent custom props
titleComponent func If you want to have a custom title instead of the default one
onDateSelected func The callback called when a date is selected
showDayNumber bool true if you want to day to be displayed in the cell container
showMonthName bool true if you want a basic title with the name of the current month
cellContainerStyle object Style for the cell container (parent of cellComponent)
highlightStyle object Style for when mouse over a cell
todayStyle object Style for today's cell
notCurrentMonthStyle object Style for days outside of currentMonth
firstDayIsMonday bool default to true


There are multiple way to send data to the custom cell. If you're using Redux, you can use mapStateToProps, otherwise you can specify a value for cellComponentProps, and this will be send to the CustomCell as a customProps prop.

Based on react-npm-component-starter.