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POA Explorer Wiki

POA Network is an Ethereum sidechain utilizing Proof of Authority Consensus. At the moment, Etherscan/Etherchain are not friendly to forks or sidechains, and without a full-featured block explorer, these types of projects are at a disadvantage. We dedicated ourselves to change that.

Our goal is to build an open source blockchain explorer compatible with any EVM-based Ethereum network. It should be

  • community-driven, because blockchains are all about people/community
  • friendly to all types of networks in the ecosystem
  • forks like Ethereum Classic
  • sidechains like Ubiq, RSK, Ethermint, and POA Network
  • private networks like Fortune 500 companies
  • testnets like POA's Sokol testnet

Below you'll find documents related to the POA Blockchain Explorer:

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