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Spec files, bootnodes, governance contracts addresses for POA Network instances: Core (live), Sokol (test), xDai
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LICENSE Create LICENSE Feb 14, 2018

Configuration file for POA Network networks

Each network must have branch with spec.json, bootnodes.txt. If there are scripts, they should be in script/ directory.

Network IDs

  • 99 or 0x63 - Core, livenet
  • 77 or 0x4D - Sokol, testnet
  • 78 or 0x4E - Red, testnet for security testing
  • 100 or 0x64 - xDai Chain

Contribution guides

Modification of spec.json file without an approved PR is prohibited.

List of approvers:

  • Igor Barinov
  • Viktor Baranov
  • Pavel Khahulin
  • Vadim Arasev
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