Utility to combine Solidity project to a flat file
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Solidity flat file generation

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Combines all local imports to one .sol file
git clone https://github.com/poanetwork/solidity-flattener
cd solidity-flattener
npm install

You can start script either

npm start "path_to_not_flat_contract_definition_file.sol"

or without paramaters (path to input file will be extracted from ./config.json)

npm start

Expected result:

Success! Flat file ORIGINAL_FILE_NAME_flat.sol is generated to ./out directory

./flatContract.sol - flat .sol file is created in output directory (./out/ by default)

Note: utility doesn't support aliases at import statements


path ./config.json

	"inputFilePath": "./demo/src/Oracles.sol",
	"outputDir": "./out"