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POA Projects and the POA Network Roadmap for 2019-2020


POA Project Related Roadmaps

We are continuing to add new functionality and improve performance for our major applications.

POA Network Roadmap

Istanbul Upgrade

Target date: Q1 2020

We have successfully upgraded the Kovan testnet to the latest Ethereum hard fork "Istanbul". This occurred on October 13, and we have not experienced any issues related to the update.

We will continue to monitor progress and are planning to update the Sokol testnet to Istanbul in the coming months. This will not occur until after the Eth mainnet completes the Istanbul upgrade. We will inform all validators with instructions to ensure nodes are updated prior to the upgrade. Assuming the update on the testnet goes smoothly, we will coordinate the Istanbul fork on the POA Core network.

POA Games Fund #2

Target date: Q1 2020

{% hint style="success" %} We are currently accepting applications for our next round of funding. See Grants for building on POA for more information. {% endhint %}

In 2019, the POA Games Fund has contributed funding to 4 games:

As these previously funded games continue to gain traction, we are initiating a second round of funding to encourage more games to build on POA. POA network provides an optimal solution for deploying games that require micro transactions, predictable fee structures, or accelerated transaction speeds.

POA Token Use Case Expansion

Target date: 2020

We will continue to research and explore ways to expand POA token usage, adoption and use cases. This includes creating a POA-based stable token, and exploring the ability to leverage POA as a staking token, either on its own or through a multi-collateral token basket. To keep POA vital and growing, we must not only increase network adoption but also research the possibility of expanding usage beyond the network via the TokenBridge.

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