POA Library: wiki, how-to, FAQ. Includes instructions how to set-up a new network, to run a full node, connect wallets,
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POA Network Wiki

POA Network Wiki

POA Network is the first Ethereum-based public network with Proof of Authority consensus, reached by independent validators. We are building a public network for smart contracts that combines speed, security, and cost efficiency. We see POA Network as a first step towards realizing our vision of horizontal blockchains scalability by creating a swarm of blockchains with Proof of Authority consensus, connected by interledger protocols.

POA Network is NOT an ERC20 token but is ERC20 Compatible. POA has its own blockchain, networks and is the first of its kind. The network is a working progress, features and additions will be added/completed in a timely manner. If you are having any issues with any of POA services, please create a Github Issue in the wiki repository, thank you.

POA Network Resources

POA Network Block Explorers

For developers:

Core (live)

  • Core (live) RPC infura.io endpoint: https://poa.infura.io
  • Core (live) RPC infura.io WebSocket endpoint: wss://poa.infura.io/ws
  • Core (live) RPC endpoint: https://core.poa.network
  • Core (live) Netstats: https://core-netstat.poa.network/

Sokol (test)

For validators:

Validator DApp URLs (Core/Sokol):