POA Token Supply

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Initial Supply

POA's initial token supply when Core network was launched was 252,460,800 POA. As you can see from the chart on the right, only 70% of POA was reserved for presale and the rest were reserved for Founders, Foundation/Legal and Partners/Advisors.

  • 20% or 50,492,160 POA reserved for Founders/Foundation/Legal are locked for six months and released over two years.
  • 10% or 25,246,080 POA reserved for Partners and Advisors of POA Network.
  • 70% or 176,722,560 POA reserved for the token sale, all tokens were sold during presale in 58 seconds.

Current circulating supply

The circulating supply of POA can be calculated by using the formula below. You can also check out the total circulating supply by going to the Total POA API endpoint.

  • 252,460,800 POA minus 20% (6 Month Lock) is equal to 201,968,640 POA
  • 201,968,640 POA plus SUM of Number of Current Blocks
  • 201,968,640 POA plus 12,623,040 POA ( 6 month unlock) is equal to 214,591,680 POA

After the core launch

POA has a block time of ~5 seconds and rewards each validated block miner 1 POA for each block. These block rewards never run out and on November 17, 2018 there will be 2 POA minted per block. The remaining 1 POA per block will be put aside to benefit the network however the current Validators vote to choose, some example use cases are to Burn coins, hold coins or spend on R&D for the POA Foundation. Validator's reward will remain at 1 POA after this transition.

You can find more info located in the POA Whitepaper Economy Section

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