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CMake-ified Boost
First of all, the (pristine/official) Boost project can be found on:
The CMake build framework (set of CMakeLists.txt and module.cmake files)
is then added on top of the official Boost release, thanks to a
dedicated patch.
That CMake framework (and patch) is hosted and maintained on GitHub,
in the following Git repository:
POCB stands for Plain Old CMake-ified Boost, as opposed to the new Ryppl
initiative towards a modularised Boost, also using extensively CMake.
However, as of today (June 2011), that framework does not allow
easily building Boost for Linux distributions.
[A clone also exists on Gitorious, where CMake-related work was formely done:]
Upstream work is synchronised thanks to the Ryppl's hosted Git clone:
A discussion explaining the details can be read on the Ryppl Google Group:
The Ryppl project ( is maintained by Eric Niebler and
Dave Abrahams, from the Boost project, and is itself a lot more than just
about synchronisation:
"Ryppl aims to be a distributed cross-platform software management system
designed to accommodate both end-users and developers. Ryppl unites
version control, test management, package management, release management,
reporting, and other sub-systems into a coherent and scalable software
management system."
That current CMake-ification (sub-)project aims to be fully integrated
into the Ryppl project. There is still some work to be done on the
CMake-ification of modularised Boost. If you would like to contribute,
do not hesitate to subscribe to the Ryppl mailing list:
Denis Arnaud (June 2011)