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Packet Analysis with Tshark

Netlify Status Lighthouse Performance Badge Lighthouse Best Practices Badge Lighthouse Accessibility Badge Lighthouse SEO Badge screenshot exists to teach you about packet analysis.

The main aim for the site is to provide example usage of working with packets and hopefully give back something to the networking community in the process.

This website is built using hugo, an open-source static site generator. Most of the HTML/CSS/JS, shortcodes, and partials come from the Learn Theme.

Build it

Serve locally

  1. Download the repo

    git clone
  2. Install hugo

  3. Start the server: hugo server

  4. Open the address in a browser (default is localhost:1313)


Become a Patron!

Support me if you like good documentation!

Raising an Issue

Apart from manually adding an issue, there are multiple ways to raise an issue for this website:

  • Edit this page: Every page has a link in the upper right corner that can click on to see the page in github. You can then make a pull request once you are satisfied with your changes.
  • Comment: At the bottom of every article, there is a comments section that is tied to github issues.
  • Email: If you do not want to use github, you can interact with the contributors by emailing tshark_dev[АТ] This will make a github issue that functions like an email chain. As this is public, do not put any PII or sensitive information in it.
  • Contact: If you do not want your issue to be public, you can contact me directly at rj[АТ]

Submitting a Pull Request

Contributions to the site are greatly appreciated, if you see a typo or something that isn't quite right and want to help improve the site for everyone then please feel free to submit a pull request.

  • Start off by forking the repository
  • Make any changes you have in mind
  • Submit a Pull Request from your forked version back into the original version of the site
  • I'll review it and approve it
  • It'll automatically go live in seconds!

A list of contributors is available here.

Guide Philosophy

  • If you can't understand an article, that's a bug
  • Bad style and tone are high-priority issues
  • Prefer linking to articles than writing new ones
  • Link to manpages/Wireshark docs wherever relevant
  • Further reading links should provide something that the article above it does not