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Apply action to output of :terminal. It's simple.
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Apply action to output of :terminal. It's simple.


Call tnite#start(command, action, option).


String or List.

Tnite executes the command, and pass the output to action.


  • edit: Open a file in current buffer.
  • tabedit: Open files with a new tab.
  • switch: Switch to a window that opens the specified file if it is opened. If not, fallback to edit action.
  • switchtab: Same as switch action, but it fallback to tabedit.
  • jump: Jump to the line number.

See g:tnite#actions for more information.



Default: false

Jump to specified line number. Format is file_name:lineno. Example: autoload/tnite.vim:42


" Find a file from git with peco, and open it in a new tab.
nnoremap <silent><Space>f :<C-u>call tnite#start(["sh", "-c", "git ls-files \| peco --initial-filter Fuzzy"], "tabedit", {})<CR>

" Grep with word under the cursor.
nnoremap <silent><Space>g :<C-u>call tnite#start(["sh", "-c", "git grep --line-number " . shellescape(expand('<cword>')) . " \| peco --initial-filter Fuzzy \| cut -d : -f 1,2"], "tabedit", { "jump-to_line": v:true })

" Grep the current buffer and jump to the specified line.
nnoremap <silent><Space>j :<C-u>call tnite#start(["sh", "-c", "nl -b a -w1 -s ':\t' " . shellescape(expand('%:p')) . "\| peco \| cut -d : -f 1"], "jump", {})
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