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An implementation of banner written in Vim script.
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An implementation of banner written in Vim script.


  • vanner#echo(string, option)
    • Display larger string.
  • vanner#string(string, option)
    • Convert string to larger string.
  • vanner#raw(string, option)
    • Convert string to raw data.


This program is based on banner (1) that is implemented by Sverre H. Huseby. The original source code is here

The original banner is provided under The Artistic License.

Vanner satisfies the restrictions of the license. It satisfies 3.a

a) place your modifications in the Public Domain or otherwise make them Freely Available, such as by posting said modifications to Usenet or an equivalent medium, or placing the modifications on a major archive site such as, or by allowing the Copyright Holder to include your modifications in the Standard Version of the Package.

, and 4.b.

b) accompany the distribution with the machine-readable source of the Package with your modifications.

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