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TauPan commented Jan 20, 2013


In market version, when I tap on my username and choose "Problem-Übersicht" (english locale would be "Issues-Overview", I guess), I get the loading Octocat icon and when it disappears, I have a completely white screen on each of the four tabs, whereas in my user profile here on github I at least have a couple of created, watched and maybe mentioning issues, even though there are no issues assigned to me.

Behaviour is identical on both my active android devices: Desire Z, Cyanogenmod 10 (Andromadus Mimicry 1.5.0) and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N, Cyanogenmod 10.1 (usually a recent nightly).

As always, feel free to ask for clarification if I forgot to mention something relevant.

Kind regards


kmav commented May 22, 2013

I experience the same behaviour in my android 4.0.4 device as well as in my AVD emulator ! Do any of these "Issue dashboard" menu actions (viewed, created, assigned, etc.) have been implemented (i.e. do you need any contribution) ? Moreover, I don't yet understand what will be the information/functionality provided in each one of these activities. What are the similar functionality activities in the github web site?
Best regards :)


atermenji commented May 22, 2013

guys, check GitHub API, Issues section.
This app displays exactly the same data that API returns.
And I see several issues in each category, so probably you do not have assigned/created/mentioned issues.

TauPan commented May 24, 2013

It appears that the API + github client only lists issues in my repositories (is that correct?). I expected it would list all the issues that I created or commented on, no matter if the repositories belong to me or not.

If this is correct, I'd ask for clarification in the docs and/or extending the feature so all issues become visible.

Example: This very issue is not visible in the issues section, even though I did create it.
Expectation: I'd like it to be visible (along with others).


kmav commented May 24, 2013

yes. I can see issues for my own repos only
I cannot see issues that I created in others repositories ...


atermenji commented May 24, 2013

As for, I see created/assigned/mentioned issues in my repos and my organizations repos..
I guess there is some reason for GitHub API to return only this data.
Anyway, I think this is not the best place to discuss this, probably it is better to ask GitHub support for this subject, because if this is a bug, it is not an Android client bug.

fadils closed this Jan 15, 2015

TauPan commented Jan 15, 2015

Did you clarify the documentation, like I asked? I don't think a user of a github app should necessarily know about the github API. Also forwarding this to github would be appreciated, as I wouldn't know what I'm talking about.


fadils commented Jan 15, 2015

@TauPan I understand your concern. First, the API page can serve as documentation. it says "List all issues across all the authenticated user’s visible repositories including owned repositories, member repositories, and organization repositories". So, if the issues are created in the repository you don't own or you're not a member of, then you simply cannot list the issues. These issues are not visible in other words.

After all, the reason why I closed this issue is because this is not a GitHub Android client's issue. And I don't think it's a bug in the API too. The concern is how we can enhance the API so that we can see all issues that we created ourselves regardless.

And for you, I have forwarded this concern. I will get back to you once I received their response.



fadils commented Jan 15, 2015

@TauPan we can use search-issues to display what you want.

For example,

This issue is reopened. We'll get into it.

fadils reopened this Jan 15, 2015

TauPan commented Jan 17, 2015

Sounds great, thanks!

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