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Pocketinns Dutch Auction Smart Contracts
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ICO pocketinns


About Pocketinns  chat chat

The Pocketinns Umbrella Project is a revolutionary online community driven marketplace ecosystem built around a decentralized blockchain-oriented model. It is a marketplace for both sellers and consumers. It is designed to enhance ease of transactions while maximizing trust, safety, value, and savings, all while maintaining a true decentralized network.

Token Auction

The token auction will start on January 15th, 2018 (10am EST) and the auction ends on January 31st, 2018 (10am EST) and will accept ETH as a form of funding.

The PINNS token auction will follow the reverse Dutch Auction, in which an initially high offering price is lowered by increments until a buyer or, as in U.S. Treasury sales of securities, sufficient buyers are found.

For CrowdSale

  • First deploy DutchAuction contract by providing EtherPriceFactor (Price of 1 Ether in USD),and obtain its address.
  • Secondly deploy PocketinnsToken contract and use address from previous step as its input. Obtain address of the token contract.
  • Thirdly call function start_ICO() of DutchAuction contract and provide address from PocketinnsToken contract as an input.

How do I run ?

  • contract owner can start Crowdsale by calling start_ICO() function of the DutchAuction contract.
  • contributions are accepted by sending Ether to DutchAuction contract address. Minimum contribution is 1 Ether.
  • in case of emergency, function setStage() can be called by owner to set stage in order to stop contribution or to start crowdasle again.
  • contributors will need to claim their tokens after DutchAuction has ended. To claim tokens contributor needs to call function claimTokensICO(),by passing the contributor address as parameter.
  • after the ICO ends, owner of the contract sends the GoodWill tokens to DutchAuction contract and call function startGoodwillDistribution().
  • to claim Goodwill tokens as per the tokens bought during the first Four days of ICO, contributor needs to call claimGoodwillTokens(), by passing the contributor address as parameter.
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