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franz CMake: image support should be opt-in
Currently most devices don't support it, so it makes no sense
to have it in SOURCES_WITHOUT_VML.
Latest commit 0e6fc99 May 25, 2018
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android 1. Move to ndk gcc 4.9. lto compilation is much faster in 4.9 Dec 27, 2014
bin Fix poclu: don't install it, it's not required Feb 21, 2018
cmake CMake: add INTEL_SDE_AVX512 option Jun 12, 2018
doc Add documentation for ENABLE_POCL_FLOAT_CONVERSION CMake option May 24, 2018
examples Add SPIR-V support to poclu-load-program & tests May 24, 2018
fix-include Apply Debian patch: altivec.patch Mar 5, 2018
include Fix image samplers Jun 12, 2018
lib CMake: image support should be opt-in Jun 12, 2018
tests Tests: remove redundant code Jun 12, 2018
tools Merge pull request #642 from isuruf/travis2 May 30, 2018
windows CMake: on Windows, make sure we search for patch.exe in PATH env var … Feb 3, 2015
.gitattributes fix .gitattributes Dec 6, 2017
.gitignore Forgot to add the test file for #445. Apr 5, 2017
.mailmap Add an alias for Clément May 31, 2016
.travis.yml Revert "Add ppc64le" May 28, 2018
CHANGES Mention hwloc 2 support in CHANGES Mar 15, 2018
CMakeLists.txt Enable -fPIC on kernel library Jun 12, 2018
COPYING Also here.. Aug 29, 2013
CREDITS Added some CREDITS. Mar 20, 2018
INSTALL Add a symbolic link of INSTALL to install.rst Jan 28, 2016
LICENSE Copy COPYING to LICENSE. Change the copyrights line. Aug 28, 2013
README Updated the new web page address. Nov 16, 2013
README.ARM CMake: fix pocl building on ARM architectures Aug 14, 2017
README.FreeBSD Added a README.FreeBSD to address issue #263 Oct 15, 2015
README.OSX Instruct to use LLVM 3.4 for OS X as it's the latest known working Aug 11, 2014
README.Windows Updated Windows readme with complete build script. Jan 27, 2015
README.mips [mips] Update readme Oct 5, 2015
README.mipsel [mips] Update readme Oct 5, 2015
README.packaging Update docs Dec 5, 2017
README.powerpc Don't allow LLVM 3.4 on PPC, AS cast is broken. Jan 16, 2014
TODO update TODO document Nov 14, 2017
ToolchainExample.cmake Update documentation on cross-compiling Sep 7, 2016
config.h.in.cmake CMake: remove some unused code May 25, 2018
config2.h.in.cmake Change system() calls in llvm_codegen() to vfork() + execv(). Apr 25, 2017
pocl.icd.in Actually do what was already commented in 90aa468... Sep 8, 2013
pocl.icd.in.cmake Initial CMake buildsystem commit Jun 15, 2014
pocl.pc.in.cmake Fix pocl.pc Dec 6, 2017


Portable Computing Language (pocl)
pocl is being developed towards an efficient implementation of OpenCL standard 
which can be easily adapted for new targets.

Please refer to the file INSTALL in this directory for building and installing

More documentation available at http://portablecl.org/docs/html/
The main web page is at http://portablecl.org