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pocl - Portable Computing Language
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android 1. Move to ndk gcc 4.9. lto compilation is much faster in 4.9
cmake CMake: we don't need to if() on old llvm versions
config Make config/xclang respect --host and --build.
doc Update documentation a bit with recent CMake changes
examples CMake: add hsa label to AMD SDK tests which currently work with HSA
fix-include Let pocl use deprecated functions without warnings
include Revert "OpenCL 2.0 atomics: fix atomic_cmpxch() argument namespace, p…
lib Merge branch 'various_fixes2' of
m4 Added Boost version checks for ViennaCL and VexCL test suites.
ocl-vendors Allow to run tests when pocl is compiled in ICD mode only
scripts CMake: Fix pocl-standalone for new kernel lib variants
tests CMake: fix a missing # in a comment
tools CMake: make tools/script/run_X helpers recognize both buildsystems
windows CMake: on Windows, make sure we search for patch.exe in PATH env var …
.bzrignore Changed makefiles to support multiple hosts/target architectures.
.gitignore update .gitignore to not ignore changes in external testsuites
.mailmap Add .mailmap for contributor name/email consistency
CHANGES Small bugfixes here & there..
CMakeLists.txt CMake: Build multiple host kernel libraries for different CPUs, part 2
COPYING Also here..
CREDITS Added new contributor.
INSTALL Add a symbolic link of INSTALL to install.rst
LICENSE Copy COPYING to LICENSE. Change the copyrights line. Remove IBM Cell support.
README Updated the new web page address.
README.ARM Add that one ARM-FAQ to the README
README.FreeBSD Added a README.FreeBSD to address issue #263
README.OSX Instruct to use LLVM 3.4 for OS X as it's the latest known working
README.Windows Updated Windows readme with complete build script.
README.mips [mips] Update readme
README.mipsel [mips] Update readme
README.packaging Fix --enable-static-llvm to actually link in LLVM statically to libpocl.
README.powerpc Don't allow LLVM 3.4 on PPC, AS cast is broken.
TODO Add some TODO notes about sub-devices
TODO.piglit updated TODO.piglit moved callback implementation to clFinish
acinclude.m4 Correct quoting errors in Using from buildconf project. CMake: Build multiple host kernel libraries for different CPUs, part 2 Make buildsystems recognize LLVM 3.8
depcomp Initial import Actually do what was already commented in 90aa468... Initial CMake buildsystem commit Add ${prefix}/share/pocl/include to the --cflags of pkg-config because Autotools -> cmake for commit ee258ec


Portable Computing Language (pocl)
pocl is being developed towards an efficient implementation of OpenCL standard 
which can be easily adapted for new targets.

Please refer to the file INSTALL in this directory for building and installing

More documentation available at
The main web page is at

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