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pocl builds (as of Aug 2017) on ODROID XU3 and ODROID C2
but some tests fail.
How to build:
* get a clang / llvm. DO NOT use the ones downloaded from, they only work
on the distro where they were compiled. Ubuntu LTS these days ships multiple llvm
versions even quite recent ones; get the clang+llvm from your distro's packages.
* read the pocl install/build instructions in docs
* LLVM will likely not recognize your cpu, and running cmake will give you a warning.
run cmake with -DLLC_HOST_CPU=<yourcpu>. "yourcpu" must be something LLVM recognizes,
usually it's simply "cortex-aXX" like cortex-a15 etc. You can get the full list by
running `llc -mcpu=help`.