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# WARNING: this document is seriously outdated
# considering we haven't had anyone maintaining
# the Windows build since about 2016, getting the
# current PoCL code to build on Windows will likely
# require much more effort than this howto describes.
# Compiling pocl on Windows
## Dependencies:
- Visual Studio 2013
- Git and Git bash
- CMake 2.8 or newer
- Python 2.7 for LLVM
- Pthreads-win32 binary distribution
- Hwloc for Windows x64 binary distribution
- LLVM + Clang latest release sources
## Support:
- Only 64bit compiling for now
- No ICD compiling
- No VML (no stdcxxlib finding done for windows)
- Static compilation
## Building
There is shell script in `pocl/windows/`
Shell script may be ran in `Git Bash` and it downloads and installs pocl and all the
library dependencies and builds them to `/c/pocl-playground`.
To download and build everything without first fetching pocl repository one can do simply:
curl | sh
Script requires following software installed on Windows 7 or later (64bit only):
- Visual Studio 2013 (e.g. community edition)
- Cmake 2.8 or later (must be added to PATH)
- Git + Git Bash
- Python 2.7 for compiling LLVM