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Added initial support.
With LLVM 3.5 and a big-endian MIPS32r2 system, the majority of tests fail due
to two bugs:
* Vectors are not correctly passed in varargs. This causes cl_printf to
misbehave, causing most reference checks to fail.
This has been fixed on LLVM's trunk.
* Vectors whose size is not a multiple of 4 bytes (such as char3) trigger an
optimisation bug in SROA. This is still being debugged.
It's expected that most of this has been fixed in LLVM 3.7 but this
has not yet been re-tested.
Tested on an EdgeRouter Pro running 32-bit big-endian Debian Jessie with the
following configure command:
./configure --host=mips-unknown-linux-gnu --build mips-unknown-linux-gnu
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