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This file contains notes for making distribution packages of pocl.
Pocl should probably be built with ICD enabled (``-DENABLE_ICD=ON`` CMake
option) for desktop distributions. Pocl does not have an ICD loader,
so a dependancy on one would be beneficial.
CMake options for a distribution build
Note: this note only works for x86(-64) platform currently,
on other platforms, it has zero effect.
Enables runtime detection of CPU and builds separate
kernel libraries for most common x86 CPUs.
The pocl.icd file (which the ICD loader uses to load the pocl lib)
by default has a full path to the installed file.
Set this option to OFF and pocl will only put the dynamic library
name into pocl.icd.
When OFF, POCL_BUILDING option (which causes pocl to look for required
files in build / source directories) will be ignored
and pocl will always look in installed paths only.
Mesa (OpenGL) interoperability
On some current (Jan 2014) Linux distibutions, mesa is built with LLVMpipe.
If pocl is built against a shared LLVM library, the mesa calls to its LLVM
will be re-routed to the LLVM linked in pocl, causing a segfault. Consider
linking LLVM statically to pocl. At least 'nouveau' and 'swrast_dri' are
known to suffer from this. See