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Switch back full path to pocl.icd. Due to popular demand.
Add notes about this for packagers in README.packaging
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kraiskil committed Aug 23, 2013
1 parent 9b7f693 commit 90aa46893e9d2272779a74b6b1fa6b7f93f01a01
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This file contains notes for making distribution packages of pocl.

Pocl should probably be built with ICD enabled for desktop
distributions. Pocl does not have an ICD loader, so a dependancy
on one would be beneficial.

The pocl.icd file (which the ICD loader uses to load the pocl lib)
has a full path to the installed file. When building
for a multiarch, remove the "@libdir@/" from before
building. This way the system library loader can pick up the correct
architecture library.

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