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Updated CHANGES and the 1.4 release announcement text.

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1.4 unreleased
1.4 September 2019

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Portable Computing Language (pocl) v1.4 released

Pocl is a portable open source (MIT-licensed) implementation of the OpenCL
standard (1.2 with some 2.0 features supported). In addition to being an
easily portable multi-device open-source OpenCL implementation, another major
goal of this project is improving performance portability of OpenCL programs
with the kernel compiler and the task runtime, reducing the need for
target-dependent manual optimizations.

Upstream pocl currently supports various CPU devices, NVIDIA GPUs via libcuda,
HSA-supported GPUs and TCE ASIPs (experimental, see,
with various known private adopters as well.

Release Highlights

* Support for Clang/LLVM 9.0
* Support for LLVM older than 6.0 has been removed.
* It's possible to build relocatable Pocl
* Improved SPIR and SPIR-V support for CPU device

Please note that there's an official pocl "maintenance policy" in place.
This text describes the policy and how you can get your favourite project
that uses OpenCL to remain regression free in the future pocl releases:


Most of the code that landed to the pocl code base during this release
cycle was produced for the needs of research projects funded by various
sources. Customized Parallel Computing research group of Tampere
University, Finland likes to thank the Academy of Finland (funding
decision 297548), ECSEL JU project FitOptiVis (project number 783162) and
HSA Foundation for funding most of the development work in this release.
Much appreciated!

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