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This is a testing version. Do not use unless you are certain you have no data to lose.

Please note that minimum recommended memory size for configuring the loader is 2GB


A normal build process would start with :

1. Image burn

  • a. For physical gunzip and burn img file to usb stick

  • b. For virtual gunzip and use the provided vmdk file

2. Boot tinycore

3. ssh to your booted loader or just open the desktop terminal

4. Bring over your json files (global_config.json, custom_config.json, user_config.json)

5. Check the contents of user_config.json, if satisfied keep or else run:

  • a. Perform a rploader update by running ./ update

  • b. Perform a fullupdate to update all local files of your image by running ./ fullupgrade

  • c. Change you serial and mac address by running ./ serialgen DS3615xs, if you want to use WoL you can use realmac option here e.g. ./ serialgen DS3515xs realmac

  • d. Update user_config.json with your VID:PID of your usb stick by running ./ identifyusb

  • e. Update user_config.json with your SataPortMap and DiskIdxMap by running ./ satamap

  • f. Backup your changes to local loader disk by running ./ backup

6. ./ build ds3615xs-7.0.1-42218