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This is the changelog file for the POCO C++ Libraries.
Release 1.6.0 (2014-12-22)
- fixed GH #625: MongoDB ensureIndex double insert?
- fixed GH #622: Crypto: RSATest::testSign() should verify with public key only
- fixed GH #620: Data documentation sample code outdated
- fixed GH #618: OS X 10.10 defines PAGE_SIZE macro, conflicts with PAGE_SIZE in Thread_POSIX.cpp
- fixed GH #616: Visual Studio warning C4244
- fixed GH #612: OpenSSLInitializer calls OPENSSL_config but not CONF_modules_free
- fixed GH #608: (Parallel)SocketAcceptor ctor/dtor call virtual functions
- fixed GH #607: Idle Reactor high CPU usage
- fixed GH #606: HTMLForm constructor read application/x-www-form-urlencoded UTF-8 request
body first parameter with BOM in name
- fixed GH #596: For OpenSSL 1.0.1, include openssl/crypto.h not openssl/fips.h
- fixed GH #592: Incorrect format string in Poco::Dynamic::Struct
- fixed GH #590: Poco::Data::SQlite doesn't support URI filenames
- fixed GH #564: URI::encode
- fixed GH #560: DateTime class calculates a wrong day
- fixed GH #549: Memory allocation is not safe between fork() and execve()
- fixed GH #500: SSLManager causes a crash
- fixed GH #490: 2 byte frame with payload length of 0 throws "Incomplete Frame Received" exception
- fixed GH #483: multiple cases for sqlite_busy
- fixed GH #482: Poco::JSON::Stringifier::stringify bad behaviour
- fixed GH #478: HTTPCredentials not according to HTTP spec
- fixed GH #471: vs2010 release builds have optimization disabled ?
- fixed GH #468: HTTPClientSession/HTTPResponse not forwarding exceptions
- fixed GH #438: Poco::File::setLastModified() doesn't work
- fixed GH #402: StreamSocket::receiveBytes(FIFOBuffer&) and sendBytes(FIFOBuffer&) are
not thread safe
- fixed GH #345: Linker warning LNK4221 in Foundation for SignalHandler.obj, String.obj
and ByteOrder.obj
- fixed GH #331: Poco::Zip does not support files with ".." in the name.
- fixed GH #318: Logger local time doesn't automatically account for DST
- fixed GH #294: Poco::Net::TCPServerParams::setMaxThreads(int count) will not accept count == 0.
- fixed GH #215: develop WinCE build broken
- fixed GH #63: Net::NameValueCollection::size() returns int
- Poco::Logger: formatting methods now support up to 10 arguments.
- added Poco::Timestamp::raw()
- Poco::DeflatingOutputStream and Poco::InflatingOutputStreams also flush underlying stream
on flush()/sync().
- Poco::Util::Timer: prevent re-schedule of cancelled TimerTask
- enabled WinRegistryKey and WinRegistryConfiguration for WinCE
- Poco::BasicEvent improvements and preparations for future support of lambdas/std::function
- upgraded bundled sqlite to
- Poco::Thread: added support for starting functors/lambdas
- Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession: added support for global proxy configuration
- added support for OAuth 1.0/2.0 via Poco::Net::OAuth10Credentials and
Poco::Net::OAuth20Credentials classes.
- Poco::Net::IPAddress: fixed IPv6 prefix handling issue on Windows
- added Poco::Timestamp::TIMEVAL_MIN and Poco::Timestamp::TIMEVAL_MAX
- added Poco::Clock::CLOCKVAL_MIN and Poco::Clock::CLOCKVAL_MAX
- added poco_assert_msg() and poco_assert_msg_dbg() macros
- Poco::Net::Context: fixed a memory leak if the CA file was not found while creating the
Context object (the underlying OpenSSL context would leak)
- Poco::URI: added new constructor to create URI from Path
- Various documentation and style fixes
- Removed support (project/solution files) for Visual Studio.NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.
- Improved CMake support
Release 1.5.4 (2014-10-14)
- fixed GH #326: compile Net lib 1.5.2 without UTF8 support enabled
- fixed GH #518: NetworkInterface.cpp compile error w/ POCO_NO_WSTRING (1.5.3)
- Fixed MSVC 2010 warnings on large alignment
- make HTTPAuthenticationParams::parse() add value on end of string
- fixed GH #482: Poco::JSON::Stringifier::stringify bad behaviour
- fixed GH #508: Can't compile for arm64 architecture
- fixed GH #510: Incorrect RSAKey construction from istream
- fix SharedMemory for WinCE/WEC2013
- Add NIOS2 double conversion detection, fixes compile errors
- added VS2013 project/solution files for Windows Embedded Compact 2013
- added Process::isRunning()
- NetSSL: Fix typo in documentation
- NetSSL_OpenSSL: support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2
- Zip: Added CM_AUTO, which automatically selects CM_STORE or CM_DEFLATE based
on file extension. Used to avoid double-compression of already compressed file
formats such as images.
- added %L modifier to PatternFormatter to switch to local time
- removed unnecessary explicit in some multi-arg constructors
- Allow SecureStreamSocket::attach() to be used in server connections
- added Var::isBoolean() and fixed JSON stringifier
- added poco_unexpected() macro invoking Bugcheck::unexpected() to deal
with unexpected exceptions in destructors
- fixed GH #538 prevent destructors from throwing exceptions
- improved HTTP server handling of errors while reading header
- fixed GH #545: use short for sign
- upgraded SQLite to 3.8.6
- fixed GH #550 WebSocket fragmented message problem
- improved HTTPClientSession handling of network errors while sending the request
- updated bundled PCRE to 8.35.0
- fixed GH #552: FIFOBuffer drain() problem
- fixed GH #402: StreamSocket::receiveBytes(FIFOBuffer&) and sendBytes(FIFOBuffer&) are
not thread safe
- HTTPCookie: fix documentation for max age
- added Timestamp::raw() and Clock::raw()
- Poco::Buffer properly handles zero-sized buffers
- GH #512: Poco:Data:ODBC:Binder.h causes a crash
- Added Crypto_Win and NetSSL_Win libraries which are re-implementations of existing
Crypto and NetSSL_OpenSSL libraries based on WinCrypt/Schannel. The new libraries
can be used as an almost drop-in replacement for the OpenSSL based libraries on
Windows and Windows Embedded Compact platforms. Only available from GitHub for now.
Release 1.5.3 (2014-06-30)
- fixed GH# 316: Poco::DateTimeFormatter::append() gives wrong result for
- Poco::Data::MySQL: added SQLite thread cleanup handler
- Poco::Net::X509Certificate: improved and fixed domain name verification for
wildcard domains
- added Poco::Clock class, which uses a system-provided monotonic clock
(if available) and is thus not affected by system realtime clock changes.
Monotonic Clock is available on Windows, Linux, OS X and on POSIX platforms
supporting clock_gettime() and CLOCK_MONOTONIC.
- Poco::Timer, Poco::Stopwatch, Poco::TimedNotificationQueue and Poco::Util::Timer
have been changed to use Poco::Clock instead of Poco::Timestamp and are now
unaffected by system realtime clock changes.
- fixed GH# 350: Memory leak in Data/ODBC with BLOB
- Correctly set MySQL time_type for Poco::Data::Date.
- fixed GH #352: Removed redundant #includes and fixed spelling mistakes.
- fixed setting of MYSQL_BIND is_unsigned value.
- fixed GH #360: CMakeLists foundation: add Clock.cpp in the list of source files
- Add extern "C" around <net/if.h> on HPUX platform.
- added
- fixed CPPUNIT_IGNORE parsing
- fixed Glob from start path, for platforms not alowing transverse from root (Android)
- added NTPClient (Rangel Reale)
- added PowerShell build script
- added SmartOS build support
- fix warnings in headers
- XMLWriter: removed unnecessary apostrophe escaping (&apos)
- MongoDB: use Int32 for messageLength
- fixed GH #380: SecureSocket+DialogSocket crashes with SIGSEGV when timeout occours
- Improve RSADigestEngine, using Poco::Crypto::DigestEngine to calculate hash before signing
- added Poco::PBKDF2Engine
- Fixed GH #380: SecureSocket+DialogSocket crashes with SIGSEGV when timeout occours
- added support for a 'Priority' attribute on cookies.
- GH #386: fixed bug in MailMessage without content-transfer-encoding header
- GH #384: ew hash algorithms support for RSADigestEngine
- fixed Clock overflow bug on Windows
- Poco::ByteOrder now uses intrinsics, if available
- CMake: added /bigobj option for msvc
- Fix typo to restore Net/TestSuite_x64_vs120 build
- correct path for CONFIGURE_FILE in CMakeLists.txt
- Building Poco 1.5.2 for Synology RS812+ (Intel Atom) (honor POCO_NO_INOTIFY)
- added WEC2013 support to buildwin.cmd and buildwin.ps1
- HTMLForm: in URL encoding, percent-encode more characters
- Fixed #include <linux/if.h> conflict with other libraries
- Poco::Net::X509Certificate::verify() no longer uses DNS reverse lookups to validate host names
- cert hostname validation is case insensitive and stricter for wildcard certificates
- TCPServer: do not reduce the capacity of the default ThreadPool
- added POCO_LOG_DEBUG flag
- Zip: fixed a crash caused by an I/O error
- added runtest script for windows
- added SQlite Full Text Search support
- added Thread::trySleep() and Thread::wakeUp()
- fixed GH #410: Bug in JSON::Object.stringify() in 1.5.2
- fixed GH #362: Defect in Var::parseString when there is no space between value and newline
- fixed GH #314: JSON parsing bug
- added GH #313: MetaColumn additions for Data::ODBC and Data::SQLite
- fixed GH #346: Make Poco::Data::Date and Poco::Data::Time compare functions const.
- fixed GH #341: Compiling poco-1.5.2 for Cygwin
- fixed GH #305: There are bugs in Buffer.h
- fixed GH #321: trivial build fixes (BB QNX build)
- fixed GH #440: MongoDB ObjectId string formatting
- added SevenZip library (Guenter Obiltschnig)
- fixed GH #442: Use correct prefix length field of Windows IP_ADAPTER_PREFIX structure
- improved GH #328: NetworkInterface on Windows XP
- fixed GH #154 Add support for MYSQL_TYPE_NEWDECIMAL to Poco::Data::MySQL
- fixed GH #290: Unicode support
- fixed GH #318: Logger local time doesn't automatically account for DST
- fixed GH #363: DateTimeParser tryParse/parse
- added HTMLForm Content-Length calculation (Rangel Reale)
- Make TemporaryFile append a slash to tempDir
- fixed GH #319 android build with cmake
- added hasDelegates() method to AbstractEvent
- fixed GH #230: Poco::Timer problem
- fixed GH #317: Poco::Zip does not support newer Zip file versions.
- fixed GH #176: Poco::JSON::Stringifier UTF encoding
- fixed GH #458: Broadcast address and subnet mask for IEEE802.11 network interface
- fixed GH #456: poco: library install dirs per RUNTIME/LIBRARY/ARCHIVE
Release 1.5.2 (2013-09-16)
- added MongoDB library
- fixed GH #57: poco-1.5.1: Doesn't compile for Android
- added VoidEvent (Arturo Castro)
- fixed GH #80: NumberFormatter::append broken
- fixed GH #93: ParallelSocketAcceptor virtual functions
- optional small object optimization for IPAddress, SocketAddress, Any and Dynamic::Var
- SQLite events (insert, update, delete, commit, rollback) handlers
- merged GH #91: Improve SQLite multi-threaded use (Rangel Reale)
- merged GH #86: Invalid pointers to vector internals (Adrian Imboden)
- automatic library initialization macros
- fixed GH #110: WebSocket accept() fails when Connection header contains multiple tokens
- fixed GH #71: WebSocket and broken Timeouts (POCO_BROKEN_TIMEOUTS)
- fixed a warning in Poco/Crypto/OpenSSLInitializer.h
- fixed GH #109: Bug in Poco::Net::SMTPClientSession::loginUsingPlain
- added clang libc++ build configurations for Darwin and iPhone (Andrea Bigagli)
- fixed GH #116: Wrong timezone parsing in DateTimeParse (Matej Knopp)
- fixed GH #118: JSON::Object::stringify endless loop
- added Recursive and SortedDirectoryIterator (Marian Krivos)
- added ListMap (map-like container with preserving insertion order)
- MailMessage: attachments saving support and consistent read/write
- fixed GH #124: Possible buffer overrun in Foundation/EventLogChannel
- fixed GH #119: JSON::Object holds values in ordered map
- added JSON::PrintHandler
- renamed JSON::DefaultHandler to ParseHandler (breaking change!)
- fixed GH #127: Eliminate -Wshadow warnings
- fixed GH #79: Poco::Thread leak on Linux
- fixed GH #61: static_md build configs for Crypto and NetSSL
- fixed GH #130: prefer sysconf over sysctlbyname
- fixed GH #131: no timezone global var on OpenBSD
- fixed GH #102: Some subprojects don't have x64 solutions for VS 2010
- added GH #75: Poco::Uri addQueryParameter method
- Poco::Environment::osDisplayName() now recognizes Windows 8/Server 2012
- fixed GH #140: Poco::Runnable threading cleanup issue
- simplified default TCP/HTTPServer construction
- fixed GH #141: Application::run() documentation/implementation discrepancy
- changed RowFormatter to SharedPtr<RowFormatter> in Data::RecordSet interface (breaking change!)
- fixed GH #144: Poco::Dynamic emits invalid JSON
- removed naked pointers from Data interfaces
- fixed GH #82: name conflict in Data::Keywords::bind
- fixed GH #157: MySQL: cannot bind to 'long' data type on Windows/Visual C++
- fixed GH #158: MySQL: MYSQL_BIND 'is_unsigned' member is not set
- fixed GH #160: MultipartReader ignores first part, if preamble is missing
- fixed GH #156: Possible buffer overrun in Foundation/EventLogChannel
- XML: fixed an issue with parsing a memory buffer > 2 GB
- upgraded to expat 2.1.0
- Data/ODBC: added support for setting query timeout (via setProperty
of "queryTimeout"). Timeout is int, given in seconds.
- fixed a potential endless loop in SecureStreamSocketImpl::sendBytes()
and also removed unnecessary code.
- fixed GH #159: Crash in openssl CRYPTO_thread_id() after library
has been unloaded.
- fixed GH #155: MailOutputStream mangles consecutive newline sequences
- fixed GH #139: FileChannel::PROP_FLUSH is invalid (contains a tab character)
- fixed GH #173: HTTPClientSession::proxyConnect forces DNS lookup of host names
- fixed GH #194: MessageNotification constructor is inefficient.
- fixed GH #189: Poco::NumberParser::tryParse() documentation bug
- fixed GH #172: IPv6 Host field is stripped of Brackets in HTTPClientSession
- fixed GH #188: Net: SocketAddress operator < unusable for std::map key
- fixed GH #128: DOMWriter incorrectly adds SYSTEM keyword to DTD if PUBLIC is
already specified
- fixed GH #65: Poco::format() misorders sign and padding specifiers
- upgraded bundled SQLite to 3.7.17
- replaced JSON parser with Poco::Web::JSON parser (from sandbox)
- added JSON conversion to Dynamic Struct and Array
- added VarIterator
- modified behavior of empty Var (empty == empty)
- added Alignment.h header for C++03 alignment needs
- added Data/WebNotifier (DB, WebSocket) example
- fixed GH #209: Poco::NumberFormatter double length
- fixed GH #204: Upgrade zlib to 1.2.8
- fixed GH #198: The "application.configDir" property is not always created.
- fixed GH #185: Poco::NumberFormatter::format(double value, int precision)
ignore precision == 0
- fixed GH #138: FreeBSD JSON tests fail
- fixed GH #99: JSON::Query an JSON::Object
- limited allowed types for JSON::Query to Object, Array, Object::Ptr,
Array::Ptr and empty
- fixed GH #175: HTMLForm does not read URL parameters on POST or PUT
- added GH #187: MySQL: allow access to the underlying connection handle
- added GH #186: MySQL: support for MYSQL_SECURE_AUTH
- fixed GH #174: MySQL: 4GB allocated when reading any largetext or largeblob field
- fixed a potential memory leak in Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession if it is misused
(e.g., sendRequest() is sent two times in a row without an intermediate call to
receiveResponse(), or by calling receiveResponse() two times in a row without
an intermediate call to sendRequest()) - GH #217
- removed a few unnecessary protected accessor methods from Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession
that would provide inappropriate access to internal state
- merged GH #210: Don't call CloseHandle() twice on Windows; Ability to select the
threadpool that will be used to start an Activity(Patrice Tarabbia)
- fixed GH #212: JSONConfiguration was missing from the vs90 project(Patrice Tarabbia)
- fixed GH #220: add qualifiers for FPEnvironment in C99 (Lucas Clemente)
- fixed GH #222: HTTPCookie doesn't support expiry times in the past (Karl Reid)
- fixed GH #224: building 1.5.1 on Windows for x64
- fixed GH# 233: ServerSocket::bind6(Poco::UInt16 port, bool reuseAddress, bool ipV6Only) does not work
- fixed GH# 231: Compatibility issue with Poco::Net::NetworkInterface
- fixed GH# 236: Bug in RecursiveDirectoryIterator
- added ColorConsoleChannel and WindowsColorConsoleChannel classes supporting
colorizing log messages
- fixed GH# 259: Poco::EventLogChannel fails to find 64bit Poco Foundation dll
- fixed GH# 254: UTF8::icompare unexpected behavior
- Poco::UUID::tryParse() also accepts UUIDs without hyphens. Also updated documentation
(links to specifications).
- added GH# 268: Method to get JSON object value using Poco::Nullable
- fixed GH# 267: JSON 'find' not returning empty result if object is expected but another value is found
- Added support for ARM64 architecture and iPhone 5s 64-bit builds
Release 1.5.1 (2013-01-11)
- using double-conversion library for floating-point numeric/string conversions
- added Poco::istring (case-insensitive string) and Poco::isubstr
- added SQLite sys.dual (in-memory system table)
- applied SF Patch #120: The ExpireLRUCache does not compile with a tuple as key on Visual Studio 2010
- fixed SF Bug #599: JSON::Array and JSON::Object size() member can implicitly lose precision
- fixed SF Bug #602: iterating database table rows not correct if no data in table
- fixed SF Bug #603: count() is missing in HashMap
- fixed GH #23: JSON::Object::stringify throw BadCastException
- fixed GH #16: NetworkInterface::firstAddress() should not throw on unconfigured interfaces
- Android compile/build support (by Rangel Reale)
- TypeHandler::prepare() now takes const-reference
- fixed GH #27: Poco::URI::decode() doesn't properly handle '+'
- fixed GH #31: JSON implementation bug
- fixed SF #597: Configure script ignores cflags
- fixed SF #593: Poco 1.5.0 on FreeBSD: cannot find -ldl
- added SF #542: SocketAddress() needs port-only constructor
- fixed SF #215: Wrong return type in SocketConnector.h
- applied SF Patch #97: fix c++0x / clang++ bugs
- fixed GH32/SF596: Poco::JSON: Parsing long integer (int64) value fails.
- added Net ifconfig sample (contributed by Philip Prindeville)
- merged GH #34: add algorithm header (Roger Meier/Philip Prindeville)
- fixed GH #26: Cannot compile on gcc
- merged SF #111: FTP Client logging (Marian Krivos)
- fixed GH #30: Poco::Path::home() throws when called from Windows Service
- fixed GH #22: MySQL connection string lowercased
- added MySQL support for Date/Time
- upgraded SQLite to version (2012-12-19)
- improved SQLite execute() return (affected rows) value and added tests
- added SQLite::Utility::isThreadSafe() function
- added SQLite::Utility::setThreadMode(int mode) function
- fixed GH #36: 'distclean' requires 3 traversals of project tree
- fixed GH #41: Buffer::resize crash
- fixed GH #42: Linux unbundled builds don't link
- fixed GH #44: Problems with win x64 build
- fixed GH #46: 1.5.1 build fails on OS X when using libc++
- fixed GH #48: Need getArgs() accessor to Util::Application to retrieve start-up arguments
- fixed GH #49: NetworkInterface::list doesn't return MAC addresses
- fixed GH #51: Android should use isfinite, isinf, isnan and signbit from the std namespace
- fixed GH #53: JSON unicode fixes and running tests on invalid unicode JSON
- added ParallelAcceptor and ParallelReactor classes
- added EOF and error to FIFOBuffer
Release 1.5.0 (2012-10-14)
- added JSON library
- added Util::JSONConfiguration
- added FIFOBuffer and FIFOBufferStream
- fixed SF# 3522906: Unregistering handlers from SocketReactor
- fixed SF# 3522084: AbstractConfiguration does not support 64-bit integers
- HTTPServer::stopAll(): close the socket instead of just shutting it down, as the latter won't wake up a select() on Windows
- added SMTPLogger
- added cmake support
- fixed SF#3538778: NetworkInterface enumeration uses deprecated API
- fixed SF#3538779: IPAddress lacks useful constructors: from prefix mask, native SOCKADDR
- fixed SF#3538780: SocketAddress needs operator < function
- fixed SF#3538775: Issues building on Fedora/Centos, etc. for AMD64
- fixed SF#3538786: Use size_t for describing data-blocks in DigestEngine
- added IPAddress bitwise operators (&,|,^,~)
- added IPAddress BinaryReader/Writer << and >> operators
- modified IPAddress to force IPv6 to lowercase (RFC 5952)
- fixed SF#3538785: SMTPClientSession::sendMessage() should take recipient list
- added IPAddress::prefixLength()
- UTF portability improvements
- fixed SF#3556186: Linux shouldn't use <net/if.h> in Net/SocketDefs.h
- added IPAddress RFC 4291 compatible site-local prefix support
- fixed SF#3012166: IPv6 patch
- added SF#3558085: Add formatter to MACAddress object
- fixed SF#3552774: Don't hide default target in subordinate makefile
- fixed SF#3534307: Building IPv6 for Linux by default
- fixed SF#3516844: poco missing symbols with external >=lipcre-8.13
- added SF#3544720: AbstractConfigurator to support 64bit values
- fixed SF#3522081: WinRegistryConfiguration unable to read REG_QWORD values
- fixed SF#3563626: For Win32 set Up/Running flags on NetworkInterface
- fixed SF#3560807: Deprecate setPeerAddress() as this is now done in getifaddrs
- fixed SF#3560776: Fix byte-ordering issues with INADDR_* literals
- fixed SF#3563627: Set IP address on multicast socket from socket family
- fixed SF#3563999: Size BinaryWriter based on buffer's capacity(), not size()
- fixed SF#102 Fix building Poco on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
- fixed SF#321 Binding DatTime or Timestamp
- fixed SF#307 Detect the SQL driver type at run time
- added VS 2012 Projects/Solutions
- enhanced and accelerated numeric parsing for integers and floats
- fixed SF#590 Segfault on FreeBSD when stack size not rounded
- added warn function and warnmsg macro in CppUnit
- fixed SF# 3558012 Compilation fails when building with -ansi or -std=c++0x
- fixed SF# 3563517 Get rid of loss-of-precision warnings on x64 MacOS
- fixed SF#3562244: Portability fix for AF_LINK
- fixed SF #3562400: DatagramSocketImpl comment is incorrect
Release 1.4.7p1 (2014-11-25)
- Fixed Visual C++ 2010-2013 project files. Release builds now have optimization enabled.
- Poco::URI: added constructor to create URI from Path.
- fixed GH #618: OS X 10.10 defines PAGE_SIZE macro, conflicts with PAGE_SIZE in Thread_POSIX.cpp
- Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession: added support for global proxy configuration
- fixed GH #331: Poco::Zip does not support files with .. in the name.
- fixed a memory leak in Poco::Net::Context constructor when it fails to load the certificate
or private key files.
- upgraded bundled SQLite to
- fixed GH #229: added missing value() function
- fixed GH #69: MySQL empty text/blob
Release 1.4.7 (2014-10-06)
- fixed GH #398: PropertyFileConfiguration: input != output
- fixed GH #368: Build failure of Poco 1.4.6p2 on FreeBSD 9.2
- fixed GH #318: Logger local time doesn't automatically account for DST
- fixed GH #317: Poco::Zip does not support newer Zip file versions.
- fixed GH #454: Fix: handle unhandled exceptions
- fixed GH #463: XML does not compile with XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T
- fixed GH #282: Using Thread in a global can cause crash on Windows
- fixed GH #424: Poco::Timer deadlock
- fixed GH #465: Fix result enum type XML_Error -> XML_Status
- fixed GH #510: Incorrect RSAKey construction from istream
- fixed GH #332: POCO::ConsoleChannnel::initColors() assigns no color to
PRIO_TRACE and wrong color to PRIO_FATAL
- fixed GH #550: WebSocket fragmented message problem
- Poco::Data::MySQL: added SQLite thread cleanup handler
- Poco::Net::X509Certificate: improved and fixed domain name verification for
wildcard domains
- fixed a crash in Foundation testsuite with Visual C++ 2012
- improved and fixed domain name verification for wildcard domains in
- updated TwitterClient sample to use new 1.1 API and OAuth
- added Poco::Clock class, which uses a system-provided monotonic clock
(if available) and is thus not affected by system realtime clock changes.
Monotonic Clock is available on Windows, Linux, OS X and on POSIX platforms
supporting clock_gettime() and CLOCK_MONOTONIC.
- Poco::Timer, Poco::Stopwatch, Poco::TimedNotificationQueue and Poco::Util::Timer
have been changed to use Poco::Clock instead of Poco::Timestamp and are now
unaffected by system realtime clock changes.
- added Poco::PBKDF2Engine class template
- Poco::Net::HTTPCookie: added support for Priority attribute (backport from develop)
- fixed makedepend.* scripts to work in paths containing '.o*'
(contributed by Per-Erik Bjorkstad, Hakan Bengtsen)
- Upgraded bundled SQLite to 3.8.6
- Support for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (Visual Studio 2012)
- Project and solution files for Visual Studio 2013
- Changes for C++11 compatibility.
- fixed an issue with receiving empty web socket frames (such as ping)
- improved error handling in secure socket classes
- Poco::ByteOrder now uses intrinsics if available
- added new text encoding classes: Latin2Encoding, Windows1250Encoding, Windows1251Encoding
- Zip: Added CM_AUTO, which automatically selects CM_STORE or CM_DEFLATE based on file extension.
Used to avoid double-compression of already compressed file formats such as images.
Release 1.4.6p4 (2014-04-18)
- no longer use reverse DNS lookups for cert hostname validation
- cert hostname validation is case insensitive and more strict
- HTMLForm: in URL encoding, percent-encode more special characters
- fixed thread priority issues on POSIX platforms with non-standard scheduling policy
- XMLWriter no longer escapes apostrophe character
- fixed GH #316: Poco::DateTimeFormatter::append() gives wrong result for Poco::LocalDateTime
- fixed GH #305 (memcpy in Poco::Buffer uses wrong size if type != char)
- Zip: fixed a crash caused by an I/O error (e.g., full disk) while creating a Zip archive
Release 1.4.6p3 (2014-04-02)
- Fixed a potential security vulnerability in client-side X509
certificate verification.
Release 1.4.6p2 (2013-09-16)
- fixed GH #156: Possible buffer overrun in Foundation/EventLogChannel
- XML: fixed an issue with parsing a memory buffer > 2 GB
- upgraded to expat 2.1.0
- Data/ODBC: added support for setting query timeout (via setProperty
of "queryTimeout"). Timeout is int, given in seconds.
- fixed a potential endless loop in SecureStreamSocketImpl::sendBytes()
and also removed unnecessary code.
- fixed GH #159: Crash in openssl CRYPTO_thread_id() after library
has been unloaded.
- fixed GH #155: MailOutputStream mangles consecutive newline sequences
- fixed GH# 139: FileChannel::PROP_FLUSH is invalid (contains a tab character)
- fixed GH# 173: HTTPClientSession::proxyConnect forces DNS lookup of host names
- fixed GH# 194: MessageNotification constructor is inefficient.
- fixed GH# 189: Poco::NumberParser::tryParse() documentation bug
- fixed GH# 172: IPv6 Host field is stripped of Brackets in HTTPClientSession
- fixed GH# 188: Net: SocketAddress operator < unusable for std::map key
- fixed GH# 128: DOMWriter incorrectly adds SYSTEM keyword to DTD if PUBLIC is
already specified
- fixed GH# 65: Poco::format() misorders sign and padding specifiers
- upgraded bundled SQLite to 3.7.17
- upgraded bundled zlib to 1.2.8
- fixed a potential memory leak in Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession if it is misused
(e.g., sendRequest() is sent two times in a row without an intermediate call to
receiveResponse(), or by calling receiveResponse() two times in a row without
an intermediate call to sendRequest()) - GH #217
- removed a few unnecessary protected accessor methods from Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession
that would provide inappropriate access to internal state
- fixed GH# 223 (Poco::Net::HTTPCookie does not support expiry times in the past)
- fixed GH# 233: ServerSocket::bind6(Poco::UInt16 port, bool reuseAddress, bool ipV6Only)
does not work
- added ColorConsoleChannel and WindowsColorConsoleChannel classes supporting
colorizing log messages
- fixed GH# 259: Poco::EventLogChannel fails to find 64bit Poco Foundation dll
- fixed GH# 254: UTF8::icompare unexpected behavior
- Poco::UUID::tryParse() also accepts UUIDs without hyphens. Also updated documentation
(links to specifications).
- Added support for ARM64 architecture and iPhone 5s 64-bit builds
Release 1.4.6p1 (2013-03-06)
- fixed GH# 71: WebSocket and broken Timeouts (POCO_BROKEN_TIMEOUTS)
- fixed an ambiguity error with VC++ 2010 in Data/MySQL testsuite
- Poco::Net::NetworkInterface now provides the interface index even for IPv4
- added DNS::reload() as a wrapper for res_init().
- On Linux, Poco::Environment::nodeId() first always tries to obtain the
MAC address of eth0, before looking for other interfaces.
- Poco::Net::HTTPSession now always resets the buffer in connect() to clear
any leftover data from a (failed) previous session
- fixed copysign namespace issue in FPEnvironment_DUMMY.h
- fixed a warning in Poco/Crypto/OpenSSLInitializer.h
- added a build configuration for BeagleBoard/Angstrom
- fixed GH# 109: Bug in Poco::Net::SMTPClientSession::loginUsingPlain)
- fixed compile errors with clang -std=c++11
- fixed GH# 116: Wrong timezone parsing in DateTimeParse (fix by Matej Knopp)
- updated bundled SQLite to
Release 1.4.6 (2013-01-10)
- changed FPEnvironment_DUMMY.h to include <cmath> instead of <math.h>
- updated bundled SQLite to
- fixed GH# 30: Poco::Path::home() throws
- fixed SF Patch# 120 The ExpireLRUCache does not compile with a tuple as key on VS2010
- fixed SF# 603 count() is missing in HashMap
- Crypto and NetSSL_OpenSSL project files now use OpenSSL *MD.lib library files for
static_md builds. Previously, the DLL import libs were used.
- Poco::Environment::osDisplayName() now recognizes Windows 8/Server 2012
Release 1.4.5 (2012-11-19)
- added Visual Studio 2012 project files
- buildwin.cmd now support building with msbuild for VS2010 and 2012.
- added Poco::Optional class
- fixed SF# 3558012 Compilation fails when building with -ansi or -std=c++0x
- fixed SF# 3563517 Get rid of loss-of-precision warnings on x64 MacOS
- fixed SF# 3562244: Portability fix for AF_LINK
- fixed SF# 3562400: DatagramSocketImpl comment
- fixed SF# 594: Websocket fails with small masked payloads
- fixed SF# 588: Missing POCO_ARCH and POCO_ARCH_LITTLE_ENDIAN define for WinCE on SH4
- fixed SF# 581: Out-of-bound array access in Unicode::properties() function.
- fixed SF# 590: Segfault on FreeBSD when stack size not rounded
- fixed SF# 586: Poco::DateTimeParser and ISO8601 issues when seconds fraction has more than 6 digits
- Poco::Net::HTTPSSessionInstantiator::registerInstantiator() now optionally accepts a
Poco::Net::Context object.
- added Poco::XML::XMLWriter::depth() member function.
- added Poco::XML::XMLWriter::uniquePrefix() and Poco::XML::XMLWriter::isNamespaceMapped().
- Poco::FileChannel now supports a new rotateOnOpen property (true/false) which can be used
to force rotation of the log file when it's opened.
- fixed a bug in Poco::XML::XMLWriter::emptyElement(): need to pop namespace context
- OS X builds now use Clang as default compiler
- Updated SQLite to
- POCO_SERVER_MAIN macro now has a try ... catch block for Poco::Exception and writes
the displayText to stderr.
- Poco/Platform.h now defines POCO_LOCAL_STATIC_INIT_IS_THREADSAFE macro if the compiler
generates thread-safe static local initialization code.
Release 1.4.4 (2012-09-03)
- ZipStream now builds correctly in unbundled build.
- added proxy digest authentication support to Net library
- integrated MySQL BLOB fixes from Franky Braem.
- use standard OpenSSL import libraries (libeay32.lib, ssleay32.lib) for Crypto and
NetSSL_OpenSSL Visual Studio project files.
- fixed a potential buffer corruption issue in Poco::Net::SecureStreamSocket if lazy
handshake is enabled and the first attempt to complete the handshake fails
- Poco::DateTimeParser::tryParse() without format specifier now correctly parses ISO8601
date/times with fractional seconds.
- Poco::Process::launch() now has additional overloads allowing to specify an initial
directory and/or environment.
- Poco::Net::FTPClientSession: timeout was not applied to data connection, only to
control connection.
- Fixed potential IPv6 issue with socket constructors if IPv6 SocketAddress is given
(contributed by ??????? ????????? <>).
- Added an additional (optional) parameter to Poco::Thread::setOSPriority() allowing to
specify a scheduling policy. Currently this is only used on POSIX platforms and allows
specifying SCHED_OTHER (default), SCHED_FIFO or SCHED_RR, as well as other
platform-specific policy values.
- Added Poco::Crypto::DigestEngine class providing a Poco::DigestEngine interface to
the digest algorithms provided by OpenSSL.
- Fixed some potential compiler warnings in Crypto library
- In some cases, when an SSL exception was unexpectedly closed, a generic Poco::IOException
was thrown. This was fixed to throw a SSLConnectionUnexpectedlyClosedException instead.
- Added Poco::ObjectPool class template.
- Poco::Net::HTTPServer has a new stopAll() method allowing stopping/aborting of all
currently active client connections.
- The HTTP server framework now actively prevents sending a message body in the
response to a HEAD request, or in case of a 204 No Content or 304 Not Modified
response status.
- fixed a DOM parser performance bug (patch by Peter Klotz)
- fixed SF# 3559325: Util Windows broken in non-Unicode
- updated iOS build configuration to use xcode-select for finding toolchain
- Poco::Net::SecureSocketImpl::shutdown() now also shuts down the underlying socket.
- fixed SF# 3552597: Crypto des-ecb error
- fixed SF# 3550553: SecureSocketImpl::connect hangs
- fixed SF# 3543047: Poco::Timer bug for long startInterval/periodic interval
- fixed SF# 3539695: Thread attributes should be destroyed using the pthread_attr_destroy()
- fixed SF# 3532311: Not able to set socket option on ServerSocket before bind
Added Poco::Net::Socket::init(int af) which can be used to explicitely
initialize the underlying socket before calling bind(), connect(), etc.
- fixed SF# 3521347: Typo in UnWindows.h undef
- fixed SF# 3519474: WinRegistryConfiguration bug
Also added tests and fixed another potential issue with an empty root path passed to the constructor.
- fixed SF# 3516827: wrong return value of WinRegistryKey::exists()
- fixed SF# 3515284: RSA publickey format(X.509 SubjectPublicKeyInfo)
- fixed SF# 3503267: VxWorks OS prio is not set in standard constructor
- fixed SF# 3500438: HTTPResponse failure when reason is empty
- fixed SF# 3495656: numberformater, numberparser error in mingw
- fixed SF# 3496493: Reference counting broken in TaskManager postNotification
- fixed SF# 3483174: LogFile flushing behavior on Windows
Flushing is now configurable for FileChannel and SimpleFileChannel
using the "flush" property (true or false).
- fixed SF# 3479561: Subsequent IPs on a NIC is not enumerated
- fixed SF# 3478665: Permission checks in Poco::File not correct for root
- fixed SF# 3475050: Threading bug in initializeNetwork() on Windows
- fixed SF# 3552680: websocket small frames bug and proposed fix
- fixed a WebSocket interop issue with Firefox
- added Poco::Net::MessageHeader::hasToken()
- Poco::AtomicCounter now uses GCC 4.3 builtin atomics on more platforms
- fixed SF# 3555938: NetSSL: socket closed twice
- socket exceptions now include OS error code
- fixed SF# 3556975: Need to fix Shared Memory for memory map
- Poco::Net::SecureSocketImpl::close() now catches exceptions thrown by its call to shutdown().
- fixed SF# 3535990: POCO_HAVE_IPv6 without POCO_WIN32_UTF8 conflict
- fixed SF# 3559665: Poco::InflatingInputStream may not always inflate completely
- added Poco::DirectoryWatcher class
- fixed SF# 3561464: Poco::File::isDevice() can throw due to sharing violation
- Poco::Zip::Compress::addRecursive() has a second variant that allows to specify the compression method.
- Upgraded internal SQLite to 3.7.14
Release 1.4.3p1 (2012-01-23)
- fixed SF# 3476926: RegDeleteKeyEx not available on Windows XP 32-bit
Release 1.4.3 (2012-01-16)
- fixed a compilation error with Data/MySQL on QNX.
- fixed Util project files for WinCE (removed sources not compileable on CE)
- removed MD2 license text from Ackowledgements document
- fixed iPhone build config for Xcode 4.2 (compiler name changed to llvm-g++)
- Poco::Util::XMLConfiguration: delimiter char (default '.') is now configurable.
This allows for working with XML documents having element names with '.' in them.
- Poco::Util::OptionProcessor: Required option arguments can now be specified as
separate command line arguments, as in "--option value" in addition to the
"--option=value" format.
- Poco::Util::HelpFormatter: improved option help formatting if indentation has
been set explicitely.
- added Mail sample to NetSSL_OpenSSL, showing use of Poco::Net::SecureSMTPClientSession.
- added additional read() overloads to Poco::Net::HTMLForm.
- fixed SF# 3440769: Poco::Net::HTTPResponse doesn't like Amazon EC2 cookies.
- added support for requiring TLSv1 to Poco::Net::Context.
- added an additional constructor to Poco::Net::HTTPBasicCredentials, allowing
the object to be created from a string containing a base64-encoded, colon-separated
username and password.
- Poco::Zip::ZipStreamBuf: fixed a crash if CM_STORE was used.
- Added setContentLength64() and getContentLength64() to Poco::Net::HTTPMessage.
- added Poco::Environment::osDisplayName().
- fixed SF# 3463096: WinService leaves dangling handles (open() now does not reopen the
service handle if it's already open)
- fixed SF# 3426537: WinRegistryConfiguration can't read virtualized keys
- added Poco::Buffer::resize()
- fixed SF# 3441822: thread safety issue in HTTPClientSession:
always use getaddrinfo() instead of gethostbyname() on all platforms supporting it
- added version resource to POCO DLLs
- fixed SF# 3440599: Dir Path in Quotes in PATH cause PathTest::testFind to fail.
- fixed SF# 3406030: Glob::collect problem
- added Poco::Util::AbstractConfiguration::enableEvents()
- Poco::AtomicCounter now uses GCC builtins with GCC 4.1 or newer
(contributed by Alexey Milovidov)
- made Poco::Logger::formatDump() public as it may be useful for others as well
(SF# 3453446)
- Poco::Net::DialogSocket now has a proper copy constructor (SF# 3414602)
- Poco::Net::MessageHeader and Poco::Net::HTMLForm now limit the maximum number of
fields parsed from a message to prevent certain kinds of denial-of-service
attacks. The field limit can be changed with the new method setFieldLimit().
The default limit is 100.
- Poco::NumberFormatter, Poco::NumberParser and Poco::format() now always use the
classic ("C") locale to format and parse floating-point numbers.
- added Poco::StreamCopier::copyStream64(), Poco::StreamCopier::copyStreamUnbuffered64()
and Poco::StreamCopier::copyToString64(). These functions use a 64-bit integer
to count the number of bytes copied.
- upgraded internal zlib to 1.2.5
- upgraded internal sqlite to 3.7.9
- XML: integrated bugfix for Expat bug# 2958794 (memory leak in poolGrow)
- Added support for HTTP Digest authentication (based on a contribution by
Anton V. Yabchinskiy (arn at bestmx dot ru)). For information on how
to use this, see the Poco::Net::HTTPCredentials, Poco::Net::HTTPDigestCredentials
and Poco::Net::HTTPAuthenticationParams classes.
- Poco::Net::HTTPStreamFactory and Poco::Net::HTTPSStreamFactory now support Basic
and Digest authentication. Username and password must be provided in the URI.
- added Poco::Net::WebSocket, supporting the WebSocket protocol as described in RFC 6455
- NetSSL_OpenSSL: added client-side support for Server Name Indication.
Poco::Net::SecureSocketImpl::connectSSL() now calls SSL_set_tlsext_host_name()
if its available (OpenSSL 9.8.6f and later).
- added Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession::proxyConnect() (factored out from
- added Poco::Process::kill(const Poco::ProcessHandle&) which is preferable to
kill(pid) on Windows, as process IDs on Windows may be reused.
- fixed SF# 3471463: Compiler warnings with -Wformat
- Poco::Util::Application::run() now catches and logs exceptions thrown in initialize()
- Fixed a WinCE-specific bug in Poco::Util::ServerApplication where uninitialize() would
be called twice.
- fixed SF# 3471957: WinRegistryKey::deleteKey() unable to delete alt views
- Added additional constructor to Poco::ScopedLock and Poco::ScopedLockWithUnlock
accepting a timeout as second argument.
- Added Poco::Logger::parseLevel()
- Poco::format(): an argument that does not match the format
specifier no longer results in a BadCastException. The string [ERRFMT] is
written to the result string instead.
- PageCompiler: added createSession page attribute.
Release 1.4.2p1 (2011-09-24)
- On Linux, the RTLD_DEEPBIND option is no longer passed to dlopen().
This change was introduced in 1.4.2 to solve a specific problem one customer
was having. Unfortunately, it leads to problems with RTTI.
- It's now possible to pass flags (SHLIB_GLOBAL, SHLIB_LOCAL) to
Poco::SharedLibrary::load() (and the constructor implicitly calling load()),
controlling the mode flags (RTLD_GLOBAL, RTLD_LOCAL) passed to dlopen().
On platforms not using dlopen(), these flags are ignored.
- fixed SF# 3400267: Path_WIN32.cpp bug
Release 1.4.2 (2011-08-28)
- added Poco::DateTimeFormat::ISO8601_FRAC_FORMAT
- added new Poco::DateTimeFormatter and Poco::DateTimeParser format specifier:
%s for seconds with optional fractions of a second
- fixed a problem with ioctl() on BSD platforms (including OS X) where the
second argument to ioctl() is unsigned long instead of int, causing bad
things on a OS X 64-bit kernel.
- fixed a potential endless loop when enumerating IPv6 network addresses
(reported by Laurent Carcagno)
- new compile-time config option on Windows to set thread names in
debugger. Enable with -DPOCO_WIN32_DEBUGGER_THREAD_NAMES. Available
only in debug builds.
- Cipher can now create Base64 and HexBinary encoded output without linefeeds
(suitable for use in cookies, etc.)
- added Poco::Path::popFrontDirectory()
- improved VxWorks support
- IPv6 fixes: added proper scope id handling in IPAddress, SocketAddress
and related classes.
- Added Poco::Net::ServerSocket::bind6() which allows control over the
IPPROTO_IPV6/IPV6_V6ONLY socket option.
- Removed Poco::MD2Engine class due to licensing issues (the
license for the MD2 code from RSA only allows non-commercial
use). Note that the MD4 and MD5 code from RSA does not have
this issue.
- fixed a Net HTTP client testsuite issue where some tests might
have failed due to prematurely aborted connections by
the HTTPTestServer.
- Poco::Net::SocketAddress: when there is more than one address
returned by a DNS lookup for a name, IPv4 addresses will be
preferred to IPv6 ones.
- NetworkInterface::list() now also returns IPv4 interfaces on Windows when
built with -DPOCO_HAVE_IPv6
- XMLWriter: fixed a bug with attribute namespaces (no namespace prefix
written if attribute namespace is the same as element namespace)
- fixed SF# 3378588: Mismatched new[]/delete (in RSAEncryptImpl and RSADecryptImpl)
- fixed SF# 3212954 (OpenSSLInitializer::uninitialize() crash) and
SF# 3196862 (Static OpenSSLInitializer instance causes Windows deadlocks) by
removing the static Poco::Crypto::OpenSSLInitializer instance. Automatic OpenSSL
initialization is now done through Poco::Crypto::Cipher, Poco::Crypto::CipherKey,
Poco::Crypto::X509Certificate, Poco::Net::Context classes; however, it is still
recommended to call Poco::Crypto::initializeCrypto() and
Poco::Crypto::uninitializeCrypto() early at application startup, and late at
shutdown respectively (or Poco::Net::initializeSSL()/Poco::Net::uninitializeSSL()
if the NetSSL library is used) to avoid multiple full OpenSSL init/uninit cycles
during application runtime.
- Poco::Logger now also support a symbolic log level "none"
(for use with setLevel()) that disables logging completely
for that Logger (equivalent to setLevel(0)).
- Added experimental Android support, using the existing gmake-based
build system.
- fixed SF# 3288584: DateTimeFormatter link error
- fixed SF# 3187117: Typo in InflatingInputStream doc
- fixed SF# 3309731: _WIN32_WCE comparison should be with 0x600 not 600
- fixed SF# 3393026: RegularExpression.h identical enum value
- fixed SF# 3274222: AtomicCounter's postfix operators aren't atomic on Windows
- fixed SF# 3317177: Handle leak on windows
- fixed SF# 3181882: Poco::URI::getPathEtc() double-encodes query
- fixed SF# 3379935: ThreadPool Start Bug
- fixed SF# 3354451: Poco::Format::parsePrec never sets the precision to zero
- fixed SF# 3387258: _MAX_PATH used but unknown in Path_WIN32
- fixed a problem in RSAKeyImpl where direct access to the RSA in a EVP_PKEY
would no longer work in recent OpenSSL versions. Using EVP_PKEY_get1_RSA()
fixes the issue.
- added Poco::Crypto::EncryptingInputStream, Poco::Crypto::EncryptingOutputStream,
Poco::Crypto::DecryptingInputStream and Poco::Crypto::DecryptingOutputStream.
- fixed SF# 3148126: HTTPSClientSession destructor (!) throws an IOException
- fixed SF# 3178098: Add constructor to Poco::TemporaryFile to specify directory
- fixed SF# 3175310: Absolute path when device
- fixed SF# 3301207: Guided tour example contradicts apidoc (API doc was wrong)
- Poco::Net::HTTPMessage::setContentLength() and Poco::Net::HTTPMessage::getContentLength() now
use std::streamsize instead of int. This enables 64-bit Content-Length support at least
on 64-bit platforms.
- fixed SF# 3177530: TemporaryFile::tempName() + glob bug on xp
- fixed SF# 3177372: FileChannel documentation inconsistency
- added %E format specifier to Poco::PattermFormatter (epoch time in seconds
since midnight, January 1 1970)
- On Windows, Poco::Util::ServerApplication now supports a /description command
line argument for specifying a service description (together with /registerService)
- added Poco::Util::WinService::setDescription() and
- fixed SF# 3155477: Incorrect URI path handling
- fixed SF# 3309736: Extended Exception macros to set default exception code
- added getter functions for modulus and exponents to Poco::Crypto::RSAKey.
- added Poco::Net::SocketAddress::operator == () and
Poco::Net::SocketAddress::operator != ()
- fixed SF# 3182746: IPAddress.cpp IPv6 bug on big-endian
- fixed SF# 3196961: Unix daemon fails to loadConfiguration() if started from cwd
- fixed SF# 3393700: NotificationCenter may call a removed observer and crash.
- Reworked implementation of the events framework (Poco::BasicEvent and friends).
The framework is now completely multithreading save (even in the case that
an event subscriber object unsubscribes and is deleted while an event is
being dispatched). Also, the restriction that any object can only register
one delegate for each event has been removed. For most cases, dispatching
events should be faster, as dispatching an event now needs less dynamic memory
- fixed SF# 3178109: getNodeByPath() changes:
getNodeByPath() and getNodeByPathNS() have been moved to Poco::XML::Node.
Furthermore, when invoked on a Poco::XML::Document, the behavior has changed
so that the document element is now included when traversing the path (previously,
traversal would start at the document element, now it starts at the document).
The path expression can now start with a double-slash, which results in a recursive
search for the path's first element in the DOM tree.
- fixed SF# 3382935: String data being truncated using ODBC, and
SF# 2921813: Wrong implementation of the ODBC string binding
Release 1.4.1p1 (2011-02-08)
- Poco::Mutex is now a recursive mutex again on Linux
(this was caused by an unfortunate feature test for
PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE which did not work on Linux
as PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE is an enum value and not
a macro)
- Poco::Net::SecureSocketImpl::abort() now only shuts
down the underlying socket connection and does not free
the SSL object, due to multithreading issues.
Release 1.4.1 (2011-01-29)
- fixed SF# 3150223: Poco::BinaryReader cannot read std::vector correctly
- fixed SF# 3146326: SharedMemory issue
- made Poco::Net::HTTPSession::abort() virtual
- added Poco::Net::SecureStreamSocket::abort() to immediately close
a SSL/TLS connection without performing an orderly SSL/TLS shutdown.
- fixed SF# 3148126: HTTPSClientSession destructor (!) throws an IOException.
Added try/catch block to Poco::Net::SecureSocketImpl destructor.
- added additional constructor to Poco::Net::HTTPSClientSession, taking
both a socket and a session object.
- Poco::Net::HTTPSession::abort() now also can be used with a
- fixed SF# 3148045: make clean and distclean issues
- changed Data library names on Unix/Linux platforms to
match the names on Windows (PocoSQLite -> PocoDataSQLite,
PocoMySQL -> PocoDataMySQL, PocoODBC -> PocoDataODBC)
- added additional options to configure script
- added additional documentation to Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession
- Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession::receiveResponse() closes the connection
if an exception is thrown while reading the response header.
This ensures that a new connection will be set up for the next request
if persistent connections are used.
- improved Poco::Net::MultipartDecoder performance by reading directly from streambuf
- improved performance of Poco::Base64Encoder, Poco::Base64Decoder,
Poco::HexBinaryEncoder and Poco::HexBinaryDecoder by working directly with the
given stream's streambuf.
- improved performance of MessageHeader::read() by reading directly from streambuf
instead of istream.
- it is now possible to specify additional MIME part header fields
for a MIME part through the Poco::Net::PartSource class.
- upgraded SQLite to release 3.7.4
- added experimental VxWorks support for VxWorks 5.5.1/Tornado 2.2 and
newer. Please see the VxWorks Platform Notes in the reference documentation
for more information. Currently, the VxWorks is untested; full support
will be available in release 1.4.2.
- fixed SF# 3165918: Poco::DynamicAny fails to convert from string to float
- fixed SF# 3165910: Poco::Net::MessageHeader does not accept HTTP conforming header
- made Poco::Task::cancel() virtual so that tasks can implement custom
cancellation behavior.
- added optional argument to Poco::Util::WinRegistryKey constructor
to specify additional flags (in addition to KEY_READ and KEY_WRITE)
for the samDesired argument of RegOpenKeyEx() or RegCreateKeyEx().
- improved Poco::BasicEvent::notify() performance by avoiding an unnecessary heap
- added additional well-known port numbers to Poco::URI: rtsp, sip, sips, xmpp.
- added Poco::Net::MediaType::matchesRange()
- improved invalid socket handling: a Poco::Net::InvalidSocketException is
now thrown instead of an assertion when an operation is attempted on a closed or
otherwise uninitialized socket.
Release 1.4.0 (2010-12-14)
- SSLManager: documentation fixes, code cleanup
- SSLManager: renamed PrivateKeyPassPhrase event to PrivateKeyPassphraseRequired
- added HTTPServerRequestImpl::socket() to get access to the underlying socket
- added Socket::secure() to find out whether a given socket supports SSL/TLS
- added SecureStreamSocket::havePeerCertificate()
- NetSSL: added support for turning off extended certificate validation (hostname matching)
- fixed SF# 2941228: ICMPClient::ping() issues on Mac OS X
- fixed SF# 2941231: ICMPEventArgs out of bounds array access
- added PageCompiler sample
- added missing newline at end of xmlparse.c
- Poco::Glob can now be used with an empty pattern which will match nothing (patch from Kim Graesman)
- added support for HTTP proxy authentication (Basic authentication only)
- fixed SF# 2958959: XMLWriter must encode CR, LF and TAB in attribute values as character entities.
- HTMLForm now supports PUT requests as well (see <>)
- fixed SF# #2970521: FileOutputStream and file permissions.
(also fixed in File class)
- removed an unused (and wrong) default parameter from EventImpl constructor for WIN32.
- added full support for session caching to NetSSL_OpenSSL
- fixed SF# 2984454: Poco::Util::Timer::scheduleAtFixedRate() works incorrectly
- fixed a bug in Poco::Util::Timer that could lead to high CPU load if
the system clock is moved forward.
- added system.nodeId to SystemConfiguration
- added a note to Poco::Util::ServerApplication documentation regarding
creation of threads
- added Poco::Net::IPAddress::broadcast() and Poco::Net::IPAddress::wildcard() to
create broadcast ( and wildcard ( addresses.
- fixed SF# 2916154: Poco::Net::IPAddress::isLoopback() only works for
- added build configuration for iPhone Simulator
- GNU Make based build system provides new variables: POCO_HOST_BINDIR, POCO_HOST_BINPATH,
- Application::initialize() and Application::uninitialize() will now be called from within run().
This solves various issues with uninitialize() not being called, or being called inappropriately
from the Application destructor.
Please note that this change will break applications that use the Application class,
but only call init() and not run().
- added /startup option to specify startup mode for Windows services (automatic or manual)
- fixed SF# 2967354: SecureSocketImpl shutdown/close problem
- fixed SF# 3006340: LinearHashTable grows even if key already exists
- fixed a particularly nasty Windows error handling issue that manifested itself on WinCE:
WSAGetLastError() would be called after a std::string was created. The string creation could result
in a heap operation which called a Windows API to allocate memory. This would reset the
GetLastError() error code. Since WSAGetLastError() is just an alias for GetLastError(), the actual
error code from the socket operation would be lost.
- upgraded SQLite to 3.7.3
- added --header-prefix option to PageCompiler
- fixed SF# 3003875: SQLite data binding is broken
- fixed SF# 2993988: Issue with multiple calls to open()/close() on File*Stream
- fixed SF# 2990256: HTMLForm and file uploads
- fixed SF# 2969227: DateTimeParser bug
- fixed SF# 2966698: Socket connect with timeout issue
- fixed SF# 2981041: Bind NULL to a query (patch supplied)
- fixed SF# 2961419: UTF8Encoding::convert() doesn't work properly in DEBUG mode
- fixed SF# 2957068: Timeout value not picked up by proxy in HTTPSClientSession
- fixed NetSSL_OpenSSL test runner for Poco::Util::Application class changes
- Poco::AbstractEvent, Poco::AbstractCache and related classes now accept a Mutex class as additional template argument.
Poco::NullMutex can be used if no synchronization is desired.
- Added Poco::AbstractEvent::empty() to check whether an event has registered delegates.
- Poco::URI now correctly handles IPv6 addresses.
- Added Poco::Nullable class template.
- Added Poco::NullMutex, a no-op mutex to be used as template argument for template classes
taking a mutex policy argument.
- Poco::XML::XMLWriter: fixed a namespace handling issue that occured with startPrefixMapping() and endPrefixMapping()
- Poco::Net::Context now allows for loading certificates and private keys from Poco::Crypto::X509Certificate objects
and Poco::Crypto::RSAKey objects.
- Poco::Crypto::RSAKey no longer uses temporary files for stream operations. Memory buffers are used instead.
- fixed SF# 2957865: added Poco::UUID::tryParse()
- All Zip classes now use Poco::File[Input|Output]Stream instead of std::[i|o]fstream.
UTF-8 filenames will now be handled correctly on Windows.
- fixed SF# 2902029: zlib flush support (Z_SYNC_FLUSH)
- added Poco::TextBufferIterator class
- fixed SF# 2977249: Use epoll instead select under Linux
Socket::select() and Socket::poll() will use epoll under Linux if the Net library is compiled
with -DPOCO_HAVE_FD_EPOLL. This is the default for the Linux build configuration (but not for
the various build configurations targeting embedded Linux platforms).
- fixed SF# 2941664: Memory leak in DeflatingStream with zero-length streams (also fixed some other potential,
but unlikely, memory leaks)
- fixed SF# 2946457: added RejectCertificateHandler
- fixed SF# 2946621: Poco::Path bug with POCO_WIN32_UTF8
- fixed SF# 2929805: Environment::nodeId() does not work if no eth0 device exists
- Environment::nodeId() no longer throws if no hardware ethernet address can be determined.
It returns an all-zero address instead.
- Added additional classification functions to Poco::Unicode class; made classification functions inline.
- added Ascii class for ASCII character classification.
Methods of the Ascii class are now used instead of the
standard library functions (std::isspace(), etc.) due to
possible inconsistent results or assertions when the
standard library functions are used with character codes
outside the ASCII range.
- Poco::Net::MailMessage: fixed a bug in StringPartHandler that resulted in incorrect handling of non-ASCII data if
char is signed.
- Improved Poco::Net::SMTPClientSession compatibility with various mail servers when using AUTH_LOGIN authentication.
- Added CRAM-SHA1 support to Poco::Net::SMTPClientSession
- Poco::Net::SMTPClientSession now also supports login with AUTH PLAIN.
- Added Poco::Net::SecureSMTPClientSession class, supporting STARTTLS for secure SMTP connections.
- fixed an issue with SharedMemory on POSIX systems, where a shared memory region would be deleted
despite the server flag set to true (see
- PageCompiler: added a new page context directive, to allow passing custom context objects to the
request handler.
- fixed StreamSocketImpl::sendBytes() for non-blocking sockets
- added Poco::Net::DialogSocket::receiveRawBytes(), which should be used instead of receiveBytes() due to internal
buffering by DialogSocket.
- DOMParser: FEATURE_WHITESPACE has been renamed to FEATURE_FILTER_WHITESPACE (which now matches the underlying URI)
and is now handled correctly (previously we did the exact reverse thing)
- added Poco::Util::AbstractConfiguration::remove() to remove a configuration property; added removeRaw() implementations
to all implementations (contributions by Daniel Hobi and Alexey Shults).
- fixed NetSSL_OpenSSL compilation error on Windows with OpenSSL 1.0
- Added optional FIPS mode support to NetSSL_OpenSSL (contributed by Lior Okman).
If OpenSSL has been configured and built with FIPS support, then FIPS support can
be enabled by calling Poco::Crypto::OpenSSLInitializer::enableFIPSMode(true); or
by setting the fips property in the OpenSSL configuration to true (see Poco::Net::SSLManager
for details).
- fixed SF# 3031530: Ping and possible no timeout
- added Poco::Net::SocketReactor::onBusy(), called whenever at least one notification will
be dispatched.
- fixed SF# 3034863: Compiler warning in net/IPAddress.h with poco 1.3.2
- added support for CRAM-SHA1 authentication to SMTPClientSession
- Poco::format(): arguments can now be addressed by their index, e.g. %[2]d
- Poco::Util::Timer::cancel() now accepts an optional boolean argument.
If true is passed, cancel() waits until the task queue has been purged.
Otherwise, it returns immediately and works asynchronously, as before.
- Poco::Net::HTTPServerResponse::redirect() now accepts an optional additional
argument to specify the HTTP status code for the redirection.
- fixed a warning (BinaryReader.cpp) and error (ThreadLocal.cpp) in Foundation when compiling with Visual Studio 2010
- fixed a wrong exception in Poco::Net::POP3ClientSession
- Poco::Net::FTPClientSession and Poco::Net::SMTPClientSession now set the error code in exceptions they throw
- fixed a potential race condition with terminating a Windows service based on Poco::Util::ServerApplication
- fixed a bug in global build configuration file: explicitly setting POCO_CONFIG did not work on Solaris platforms,
as it was always overridden by the automatically determined configuration.
- Added support for MinGW cross builds on Linux.
- Changed location of statically linked build products in the gmake-based build system.
Statically linked executables are now in bin/$(OSNAME)/$(OSARCH)/static and no longer
have the _s suffix
- The POCO_VERSION macro now is in its own header file, "Poco/Version.h". It is no longer
available through "Poco/Foundation.h".
- added Poco::Net::HTTPCookie::escape() and Poco::Net::HTTPCookie::unescape().
- fixed SF# 3021173: Thread (POSIX) returns uninitialised value for OS priority
- fixed SF# 3040870: ThreadPool has no function to get assigned name
- fixed SF# 3044303: Can't use own config file on Solaris & OSARCH_64BITS ignored
- fixed SF# 2943896: AsyncChannel::log blocks
- fixed a bug in Poco::Util::WinRegistryKey::getInt():
The size variable passed to RegQueryValueExW() should be initialized to the size
of the output buffer.
- Added rudimentary support for compiling with Clang 2.0 (Xcode 4) on Mac OS X.
- New build configurations for Mac OS X: Darwin32 and Darwin64 for explicit
32-bit and 64-bit builds. Note that the default Darwin build configuration
will build 64-bit on Snow Leopard and 32-bit on Leopard, but will always place
build products in Darwin/i386. The new Darwin32 and Darwin64 configurations
will use the correct directories.
- fixed SF# 3051598: Bug in URL encoding
- Poco::ThreadPool::stopAll() (and thus also the destructor) will now wait for each
pooled thread to terminate before returning. This fixes an issue with creating
and orderly shutting down a thread pool in a plugin. Previously, a pooled thread
in a thread pool created by a dynamically loaded library might still be running
when the plugin's shared library was unloaded, resulting in Bad Things happening.
This can now no longer happen. As a downside, a pooled thread that fails to
finish will block stopAll() and the destructor forever.
- NetSSL_OpenSSL: for a SecureStreamSocket, available() now returns the number of bytes that
are pending in the SSL buffer (SSL_pending()), not the actual socket buffer.
- Added Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession::secure() to check for a secure connection.
- Poco::Net::HTTPRequest::setHost() now does not include the port number in the Host header
if it's either 80 or 443.
- log messages can now optionally include source file path and line number
- Poco::PatternFormatter can format source file path and line number (%U, %u)
- logging macros (poco_information(), etc.) now use __LINE__ and __FILE__
- new logging macros that incorporate Poco::format(): poco_information_f1(logger, format, arg) with up to 4 arguments
- added Poco::Net::HTTPSession::attachSessionData() and Poco::Net::HTTPSession::sessionData()
to attach arbitrary data to a HTTP session.
- added additional constructors to zlib stream classes that allow passing
a windowBits parameter to the underlying zlib library.
- fixed a potential error handling issue in Poco::Net::SecureSocketImpl.
- fixed SF# 3110272: RSACipherImpl bug.
- fixed SF# 3081677: ConfigurationView's getRaw not retrieving xml attributes.
- added basic support for Canonical XML and better pretty-printing support to Poco::XML::XMLWriter.
- Poco::Util::AbstractConfiguration now supports events fired when changing or
removing properties.
- XML: added support for finding DOM nodes by XPath-like
expressions. Only a very minimal subset of XPath is supported.
See Poco::XML::Element::getNodeByPath(), Poco::XML::Element::getNodeByPathNS()
and the same methods in Poco::XML::Document.
- Poco::Timer: If the callback takes longer to execute than the
timer interval, the callback function will not be called until the next
proper interval. The number of skipped invocations since the last
invocation will be recorded and can be obtained by the callback
by calling skipped().
- Poco::BinaryReader and Poco::BinaryWriter now support reading and
writing std::vectors of the supported basic types. Also, strings
can now be written in a different encoding (a Poco::TextEncoding
can be optionally passed to the constructor).
- Poco::UUID::nil() and Poco::UUID::isNil() have been renamed to
Poco::UUID::null() and Poco::UUID::isNull(), respectively, to avoid
issues with Objective-C++ projects on Mac OS X and iOS where nil is
a system-provided macro.
- Crypto bugfixes: RSACipherImpl now pads every block of data, not just the
last (or last two).
- Improved Crypto testsuite by adding new tests
- Added new Visual Studio project configurations: debug_static_mt and release_static_mt
(linking with static runtime libraries). The existing configurations debug_static
and release_static have been renamed to debug_static_md and release_static_md, respectively.
The suffixes of the static libraries have also changed. The static_md configurations
now build libraries with suffixes md[d], while the libraries built by the static_mt
configurations have mt[d] suffixes.
- Added Visual Studio project files for 64-bit builds.
- Added Visual Studio 2010 project files.
- Removed the use of local static objects in various methods due to
their construction not being threadsafe (and thus leading to
potential race conditions) on Windows/Visual C++.
- Fixed some warning on 64-bit Windows builds.
- The name of the Data connector libraries have changed. They are now
named PocoDataMySQL, PocoDataODBC and PocoDataSQLite.
- fixed SF# 3125498: Linux NetworkInterface::list() doesn't return IPv6 IPs
- fixed SF# 3125457: IPv6 IPAddress tests are wrong
- Added initialization functions for the NetSSL_OpenSSL and Crypto libraries.
These should be called instead of relying on automatic initialization,
implemented with static initializer objects, as this won't work with
statically linked executables (where the linker won't include the
static initializer object).
The functions are Poco::Crypto::initializeCrypto(), Poco::Crypto::uninitializeCrypto(),
Poco::Net::initializeSSL() and Poco::Net::uninitializeSSL().
Applications using Crypto and/or NetSSL should call these methods appropriately at
program startup and shutdown.
Note: In release 1.3.6, similar functions have been added to the Net library.
Release 1.3.6p2 (2010-01-15)
- fixed an issue in the Windows implementation Poco::RWLock, where
tryReadLock() sometimes would return false even if no writers
were using the lock (fix contributed by Bjrn Carlsson)
- added Poco::Environment::libraryVersion().
- fixed SF# 2919461: Context ignores parameter cypherList
- removed an unused enum from RSACipherImpl.cpp (Crypto)
- integrated a new expat patch for CVE-2009-3560.
- fixed SF# 2926458: SSL Context Problem. The Poco::Net::Context
class now makes sure that OpenSSL is properly initialized.
- updated iPhone build configuration (contributed by Martin York)
- fixed SF# 1815124 (reopened): XML Compile failed on VS7.1 with
- fixed SF# 2932647: FTPClientSession::getWorkingDirectory() returns a bad result
Release 1.3.6p1 (2009-12-21)
- added support for using external zlib, pcre, expat and sqlite3 instead of
bundled ones (-DPOCO_UNBUNDLED, configure --unbundled)
- fixed SF# 2911407: Add sh4 support
- fixed SF# 2912746: RSAKey::EXP_LARGE doesn't work
- fixed SF# 2904119: abstractstrategy uses std::set but do not includes it
- fixed SF# 2909946: localtime NULL pointer
- fixed SF# 2914986: potential expat DoS security issues (CVE-2009-3560 and CVE-2009-3720)
- fixed SF# 2916305: SSL Manager crashes
- fixed SF# 2903676: Tuple TypeHander does not handle composites.
Release 1.3.6 (2009-11-24)
- added Environment::processorCount()
- added POCO_VERSION macro to Poco/Foundation.h
- fixed SF# 2807527: Poco::Timer bug for long startInterval/periodic interval
- fixed a bug similar to SF# 2807527 in Poco::Util::Timer.
- fixed SF# 2795395: Constructor doesn't treat the params "key" and "iv"
- fixed SF# 2804457: DateTime::checkLimit looks wrong
- fixed SF# 2804546: DateTimeParser requires explicit RFC1123 format
- added ReleaseArrayPolicy to Poco::SharedPtr
- upgraded to SQLite 3.6.20
- fixed SF# 2782709: Missing semicolons in "Logger.h" convenience
- fixed SF# 2526407: DefaultStrategy.h ++it instead of it++ in a loop
- fixed SF# 2502235: Poco STLPort patch
- fixed SF# 2186643: Data::Statement::reset() not implemented in 1.3.3
- fixed SF# 2164227: Allow File opened read only by FileInputSteam to be writable
- fixed SF# 2791934: use of char_traits::copy in BufferedStreamBuf::underflow
- fixed SF# 2807750: Support additional SQL types in SQLite
- fixed documentation bugs in Timed/PriorityNotificationQueue
- fixed SF# 2828401: Deadlock in SocketReactor/NotificationCenter (also fixes patch# 1956490)
NotificationCenter now uses a std::vector internally instead of a std::list, and the mutex is
no longer held while notifications are sent to observers.
- fixed SF# 2835206: File_WIN32 not checking aganist INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE
- fixed SF# 2841812: Posix ThreadImpl::sleepImpl throws exceptions on EINTR
- fixed SF# 2839579: simple DoS for SSL TCPServer, HTTPS server
No SSL handshake is performed during accept() - the handshake is delayed until
sendBytes(), receiveBytes() or completeHandshake() is called for the first time.
This also allows for better handshake and certificate validation when using
nonblocking connections.
- fixed SF# 2836049: Possible handle leak in FileStream
If sync() fails, close() now simply set's the stream's bad bit.
In any case, close() closes the file handle/descriptor.
- fixed SF# 2814451: NetSSL: receiveBytes crashes if socket is closed
- added a workaround for Vista service network initialization issue
(an Windows service using the Net library running under Vista will
crash in the call to WSAStartup() done in NetworkInitializer).
Workaround is to call WSAStartup() in the application's main().
Automatic call to WSAStartup() in the Net library can now be disabled
by compiling Net with -DPOCO_NET_NO_AUTOMATIC_WSASTARTUP. Also
the new Poco::Net::initializeNetwork() and Poco::Net::uninitializeNetwork()
functions can be used to call WSAStartup() and WSACleanup(), respectively,
in a platform-independent way (on platforms other than Windows, these
functions will simply do nothing).
- added VCexpress build script support (contributed by Jolyon Wright)
- fixed SF# 2851052: Poco::DirectoryIterator copy constructor is broken
- fixed SF# 2851197: IPAddress ctor throw keyword missing
- added Poco::ProtocolException
- PageCompiler improvements: new tags, support for buffered output, etc.
- better error reporting in Data MySQL connector (patch #2881270 by Jan "HanzZ" Kaluza)
- fixed SF# 1892462: FTPClient:Choose explicitely between EPSV and PASV
- fixed SF# 2806365: Option for PageCompiler to write output to different dir
- fixed a documentation bug (wrong sample code) in Process::launch() documentation
- added --header-output-dir option to PageCompiler
- fixed SF# 2849144: Zip::Decompress notifications error
- SAXParser has a new feature: "".
See ParserEngine::setEnablePartialReads() for a description of what this does.
- fixed SF# 2876179: MySQL Signed/Unsigned value bug
- fixed SF# 2877970: possible bug in timer task
- fixed SF# 2874104: wrong parsing empty http headers
- fixed SF# 2860694: Incorrect return code from SecureStreamSocketImpl::sendBytes
- fixed SF# 2849750: Possible bug with XMLWriter?
- added MailMessage::encodeWord() to support RFC 2047 word encoded
mail header fields when sending out mail containing non-ASCII
- fixed SF# 2890975: SMTPClientSession bug with 7BIT encoding
- fixed an issue with retrieving the value of socket options on Windows 7.
Before obtaining the value of a socket, we now initialize the variable receiving the
socket option value to zero.
- fixed SF# 2836141: Documentation errors
- fixed SF# 2864232: Socket::select() does not detect closed sockets on windows
- fixed SF# 2812143: Socket::select() should check socket descriptors...
- fixed SF# 2801750: NetworkInterface <iface-Obj>forName returns wrong subnetMask
- fixed SF# 2816315: Problem with POSIX Thread::sleepImpl
- fixed SF# 2795646: IPv6 address parsing bug
- fixed #0000092: ServerApplication::waitForTerminationRequest(), SIGINT and GDB.
Poco::Util::ServerApplication::waitForTerminationRequest() no longer registers a
signal handler for SIGINT if the environment variable POCO_ENABLE_DEBUGGER
is defined.
- fixed SF# 2896070: Poco::Net::Context with non-ASCII paths
- added Unicode Surrogate support to Poco::UTF16Encoding.
See Poco::TextEncoding::queryConvert() and Poco::TextEncoding::sequenceLength()
for how this is implemented. Contributed by Philippe Cuvillier.
- fixed SF# 2897650: [branch 1.3.6] Net.SocketAddress won't compile for CYGWIN
- fixed SF# 2896161: Building on Windows fails when basedir has space in it
- fixed SF# 2864380: Memory leak when using secure sockets
- NetSSL_OpenSSL: the SSL/TLS session cache is now disabled by default and
can be enabled per Context using Poco::Net::Context::enableSessionCache().
- fixed SF# 2899039: Wrong DST handling in LocalDateTime
- added RWLock::ScopedReadLock and RWLock::ScopedWriteLock (contributed by Marc Chevrier)
- added Thread::TID type, as well as Thread::tid() and Thread::currentTid() to obtain the native
thread handle/ID
- added Zip file comment support
- On Windows, Poco::SharedLibrary::load() now uses LoadLibraryEx instead of LoadLibrary
and uses the LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH if an absolute path is specified. This will
add the directory containing the library to the search path for DLLs that the
loaded library depends upon.
- Mac OS X build settings now match those used by default Xcode projects, making linking the
POCO libs to Xcode projects easier
- Replaced use of std::valarray in Poco::Net::ICMPEventArgs with std::vector due to issues with
std::valarray together with STDCXX debug mode on OS X
Release 1.3.5 (2009-05-11)
- fixed SF# 2779410: Poco::Data::ODBC::HandleException impovement
- fixed wrong exception text for Poco::UnhandledException
- Fixed a problem with SSL shutdown that causes clients (web browsers)
to hang when the server attempts to perform a clean SSL shutdown. We now call
SSL_shutdown() once, even if the shutdown is not complete after the first call.
- added Poco::Crypto::X509Certificate::save()
- fixed a bug in Poco::Zip::Decompress that results in wrong paths for extracted files
- fixed a bug in Poco::Zip::ZipManipulator where the Zip file was opened in text format
on Windows.
- added Poco::Crypto::X509Certificate::issuedBy() to verify certificate chain.
- fixed 0000089: Thread::sleep() on Linux is extremely inaccurate
- added methods to extract the contents of specific fields from the
subject and issuer distinguished names of a certificate.
Release 1.3.4 (2009-04-21)
- fixed SF# 2611804: PropertyFileConfiguration continuation lines
- fixed SF# 2529788: ServerApplication::beDaemon() broken
- fixed SF# 2445467: Bug in Thread_WIN32.cpp
- Improved performance of HTTP Server by removing some
string copy operations
- fixed SF# 2310735: HTTPServer: Keep-Alive only works with send()
- fixed IP address in Net testsuite
- fixed RFC-00188: NumberFormatter and float/double numbers
- added --pidfile option to ServerApplication on Unix
- fixed SF# 2499504: Bug in Win32_Thread when using from dll (fixed also for POSIX threads)
- fixed SF# 2465794: HTTPServerRequestImpl memory leak
- fixed SF# 2583934: Zip: No Unix permissions set
- the NetSSL_OpenSSL library has been heavily refactored
- added NumberFormatter::append*() and DateTimeFormatter::append() functions
- use NumberFormatter::append() and DateTimeFormatter::append() instead of format() where
it makes sense to gain some performance
- added system.dateTime and to Poco::Util::SystemConfiguration
- added %F format specifier (fractional seconds/microseconds) to DateTimeFormatter,
DateTimeParser and PatternFormatter.
- fixed SF# 2630476: Thread_POSIX::setStackSize() failure with g++ 4.3
- fixed SF# 2679279: Handling of -- option broken
- added compile options to reduce memory footprint of statically linked applications
by excluding various classes from automatically being linked.
See the POCO_NO_* macros in Poco/Config.h.
- fixed SF# 2644940: on Windows the COMPUTER-NAME and the HOSTNAME can be different
- added DNS::hostName() function
- added build configuration for iPhone (using Apple's SDK)
- basic support for AIX 5.x/xlC 8
- fixed a bug resulting in a badly formatted exception message with IOException
thrown due to a socket-related error
- fixed SF# 2644718: NetworkInterface name conflict in MinGW
- added a missing #include to CryptoTransform.h
- fixed SF# 2635377: HTTPServer::HTTPServer should take AutoPtr<HTTPServerParams>
- replaced plain pointers with smart pointers in some interfaces
- upgraded to sqlite 3.6.13
- improved Data::SQLite error reporting
- Poco::Glob now works with UTF-8 encoded strings and supports case-insensitive comparison.
This also fixes SF# 1944831: Glob::glob on windows should be case insensitve
- added Twitter client sample to Net library
- Fixed SF# 2513643: Seg fault in Poco::UTF8::toLower on 64-bit Linux
- Poco::Data::SessionPool: the janitor can be disabled by specifying a zero idle time.
- added Poco::Data::SessionPool::customizeSession()
- added support for different SQLite transaction modes (DEFERRED, IMMEDIATE, EXCLUSIVE)
- fixed a few wrong #if POCO_HAVE_IPv6 in the Net library
- added support for creating an initialized, but unconnected StreamSocket.
- added File::isDevice()
- added family() member function to SocketAddress,
- Data::SQLite: added support for automatic retries if the database is locked
- XMLConfiguration is now writable
- fixed an IPv6 implementation for Windows bug in HostEntry
- Timer class improvement: interval between callback is no longer influenced by the
time needed to execute the callback.
- added PriorityNotificationQueue and TimedNotificationQueue classes to Foundation.
These are variants of the NotificationQueue class that support priority and
timestamp-tagged notifications.
- added Poco::Util::Timer class. This implements a timer that can schedule different
tasks at different times, using only one thread.
- the signatures of Poco::NotificationQueue and Poco::NotificationCenter member functions
have been changed to accept a Poco::Notification::Ptr instead of Poco::Notification*
to improve exception safety. This change should be transparent and fully backwards
compatible. The signature of the methods returning a Poco::Notification* have not been
changed for backwards compatibility. It is recommended, that any Notification* obtained
should be immediately assigned to a Notification::Ptr.
- SQLite::SessionImpl::isTransaction() now uses sqlite3_get_autocommit() to find out
about the transaction state.
- refactored Crypto library to make it independent from NetSSL_OpenSSL.
- added support for RSA-MD5 digital signatures to Crypto library.
- removed SSLInitializer from NetSSL library (now moved to Crypto library)
- added build configs for static libraries to Crypto library
- OpenSSL now depends on Crypto library (which makes more sense than
vice versa, as it was before). Poco::Net::X509Certificate is now
a subclass of Poco::Crypto::X509Certificate (adding the verify()
member function) and the Poco::Net::SSLInitializer class was
moved to Poco::Crypto::OpenSSLInitializer.
- added build configs for static libraries to Zip
- added batch mode to CppUnit::WinTestRunner.
WinTestRunnerApp supports a batch mode, which runs the
test using the standard text-based TestRunner from CppUnit.
To enable batch mode, start the application with the "/b"
or "/B" command line argument. Optionally, a path to a file
where the test output will be written to may be given:
"/b:<path>" or "/B:<path>".
When run in batch mode, the exit code of the application
will denote test success (0) or failure (1).
- testsuites now also work for static builds on Windows
- The IPv6 support for Windows now basically works (Net library compiled with POCO_HAVE_IPv6)
- fixed a potential error when shutting down openssl in a statically linked application
- added static build configs to Data library
- added Poco::AtomicCounter class, which uses OS-specific APIs for atomic (thread-safe)
manipulation of counter values.
- Poco::RefCountedObject and Poco::SharedPtr now use Poco::AtomicCounter for
reference counting
- fixed SF# 2765569: LoadConfiguration failing from current directory
Release 1.3.3p1 (2008-10-09)
- Fixed SF# 2153031: 1.3.3 Crypto won't compile on 64-bit Linux
- Fixed a warning in MySQL connector
- Updated README
- The global Makefile in the Zip archive is no longer broken
Release 1.3.3 (2008-10-07)
- Threads now have optional user-settable stack size (if the OS supports that feature)
- Events now support simplified delegate syntax based on delegate function template.
See Poco::AbstractEvent documentation for new syntax.
- Cache supports new access expire strategy.
- Upgraded to SQLite 3.6.2
- Upgraded to PCRE 7.8
- added HttpOnly support to Poco::Net::HTTPCookie
- NetworkInterface now has displayName() member (useful only on Windows)
- Poco::Util::WinRegistryKey now has a read-only mode
- Poco::Util::WinRegistryKey::deleteKey() can now recursively delete registry keys
- Poco::File::created() now returns 0 if the creation date/time is not known, as
it's the case on most Unix platforms (including Linux).
On FreeBSD and Mac OS X, it returns the real creation time.
- Time interval based log file rotation (Poco::FileChannel) now works
correctly. Since there's no reliable and portable way to find out the creation
date of a file (Windows has the tunneling "feature", most Unixes don't provide
the creation date), the creation/rotation date of the log file is written into
the log file as the first line.
- added Environment::nodeId() for obtaining the Ethernet address of the system
(this is now also used by UUIDGenerator - the corresponding code from UUIDGenerator
was moved into Environment)
- added a release policy argument to SharedPtr template
- Socket::select() will no longer throw an InvalidArgumentException
on Windows when called with no sockets at all. If all three socket
sets are empty, Socket::select() will return 0 immediately.
- SocketReactor::run() now catches exceptions and reports them via
the ErrorHandler.
- SocketReactor has a new IdleNotification, which will be posted when
the SocketReactor has no sockets to handle.
- added referenceCount() method to Poco::SharedPtr.
- POCO now builds with GCC 4.3 (but there are some stupid warnings:
"suggest parentheses around && within ||".
- Solution and project files for Visual Studio 2008 are included
- The Zip library is now officially part of the standard POCO release.
- The Crypto library (based on OpenSSL) has been added. The original code
was kindly contributed by Ferdinand Beyer.
- A Data Connector to MySQL, contributed by Sergey Kholodilov, is now part
of the POCO release.
- fixed SF# 1859738: AsyncChannel stall
- fixed SF# 1815124: XML Compile failed on VS7.1 with XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T
- fixed SF# 1867340: Net and NetSSL additional dependency not set - ws2_32.lib
- fixed SF# 1871946: no exception thrown on error
- fixed SF# 1881113: LinearHashTable does not conform to stl iterators
- fixed SF# 1899808: HTMLForm.load() should call clear() first
- fixed SF# 2030074: Cookie problem with .NET server
- fixed SF# 2009707: small bug in Net/ICMPPacketImpl.cpp
- fixed SF# 1988579: Intel Warning: invalid multibyte character sequence
- fixed SF# 2007486: Please clarify license for Data/samples/*
- fixed SF# 1985180: Poco::Net::DNS multithreading issue
- fixed SF# 1968106: DigestOutputStream losing data
- fixed SF# 1980478: FileChannel loses messages with "archive"="timestamp"
- fixed SF# 1906481: mingw build WC_NO_BEST_FIT_CHARS is not defined
- fixed SF# 1916763: Bug in Activity?
- fixed SF# 1956300: HTTPServerConnection hanging
- fixed SF# 1963214: Typo in documentation for NumberParser::parseFloat
- fixed SF# 1981865: Cygwin Makefile lacks ThreadTarget.cpp
- fixed SF# 1981130: pointless comparison of unsigned integer with zero
- fixed SF# 1943728: POCO_APP_MAIN namespace issue
- fixed SF# 1981139: initial value of reference to non-const must be an lvalue
- fixed SF# 1995073: setupRegistry is broken if POCO_WIN32_UTF8 enabled
- fixed SF# 1981125: std::swap_ranges overloading resolution failed
- fixed SF# 2019857: Memory leak in Data::ODBC Extractor
- fixed SF# 1916761: Bug in Stopwatch?
- fixed SF# 1951443: NetworkInterface::list BSD/QNX no netmask and broadcast addr
- fixed SF# 1935310: Unhandled characters in Windows1252Encoding
- fixed SF# 1948361: a little bug for win32
- fixed SF# 1896482: tryReadLock intermittent error
- workaround for SF# 1959059: Poco::SignalHandler deadlock
the SignalHandler can now be disabled globally by adding a
#define POCO_NO_SIGNAL_HANDLER to Poco/Config.h
- fixed SF# 2012050: Configuration key created on read access
- fixed SF# 1895483: PCRE - possible buffer overflow
- fixed SF# 2062835: Logfile _creationDate is wrong
- fixed SF# 2118943: out_of_bound access in Poco::Data::BLOB:rawContent
- fixed SF# 2121732: Prevent InvalidArgumentException in SocketReactor
- fixed SF# 1891132: Poco::Data::StatementImpl::executeWithLimit is not correct
- fixed SF# 1951604: POCO refuses to compile with g++ 4.3.0
- fixed SF# 1954327: CYGWIN's pthread does not define PTHREAD_STACK_MIN
- fixed SF# 2124636: Discrepancy between FileWIN32(U)::handleLastError
- fixed SF# 1558300: MinGW/MSYS Builds
- fixed SF# 2123266: Memory leak under QNX6 with dinkum library
- fixed SF# 2140411: ScopedUnlock documentation bug
- fixed SF# 2036460: UUID regression tests are failing on Linux with g++ 4.3.1
- fixed SF# 2150438: Tuple TypeHandler position increment size is wrong
Release 1.3.2 (2008-02-04)
Foundation, XML, Net, Util:
- added POCO_NO_SHAREDMEMORY to Config.h
- POCO_NO_WSTRING now really disables all wide string related calls
- added template specialization for string hashfunction (performance)
- XML parser performance improvements (SAX parser is now up to 40 % faster
- added parseMemoryNP() to XMLReader and friends
- URIStreamOpener improvement: redirect logic is now in URIStreamOpener.
this enables support for redirects from http to https.
- added support for temporary redirects and useproxy return code
- added getBlocking() to Socket
- added File::isHidden()
- better WIN64 support (AMD64 and IA64 platforms are recognized)
- added support for timed lock operations to [Fast]Mutex
- SharedLibrary: dlopen() is called with RTLD_GLOBAL instead of RTLD_LOCAL
- Poco::Timer threads can now run with a specified priority
- added testcase for SF# 1774351
- fixed SF# 1784772: Message::swap omits _tid mem
- fixed SF# 1790894: IPAddress(addr,family) doesn't fail on invalid address
- fixed SF# 1804395: Constructor argument name wrong
- fixed SF# 1806807: XMLWriter::characters should ignore empty strings
- fixed SF# 1806994: property application.runAsService set too late
- fixed SF# 1828908: HTMLForm does not encode '+'
- fixed SF# 1831871: Windows configuration file line endings not correct.
- fixed SF# 1845545: TCP server hangs on shutdown
- fixed SF# 1846734: Option::validator() does not behave according to doc
- fixed SF# 1856567: Assertion in DateTimeParser::tryParse()
- fixed SF# 1864832: HTTP server sendFile() uses incorrect date
- HTTPServerResponseImpl now always sets the Date header automatically
in the constructor.
- fixed SF# 1787667: DateTimeFormatter and time related classes
(also SF# 1800031: The wrong behavior of time related classes)
- fixed SF# 1829700: TaskManager::_taskList contains tasks that never started
- fixed SF# 1834127: Anonymous enums in Tuple.h result in invalid C++
- fixed SF# 1834130: RunnableAdapter::operator= not returning a value
- fixed SF# 1873924: Add exception code to NetException
- fixed SF# 1873929: SMTPClientSession support for name in sender field
- logging performance improvements (PatternFormatter)
- fixed SF# 1883871: TypeList operator < fails for tuples with duplicate values
- CYGWIN build works again (most things work but Foundation testsuite still fails)
- new build configuration for Digi Embedded Linux (ARM9, uclibc)
- new build configuration for PowerPC Linux
- fixed SF# 1724388: ODBC Diagnostics
- fixed SF# 1804797: ODBC Statement multiple execution fails
- fixed SF# 1803435: SessionPool onJanitorTimer called too often?
- fixed SF# 1851997: Undefined Behavior in ODBC::Preparation
- updated SQlite to 3.5.5
Release 1.3.1 (2007-08-08)
Foundation, XML, Net, Util:
- DynamicAny fixes for char conversions
- fixed SF# 1733362: Strange timeout handling in SocketImpl::poll and Socket::select
- fixed SF patch# 1728912: crash in POCO on Solaris
- fixed SF# 1732138: Bug in WinRegistryConfiguration::getString
- fixed SF# 1730790: Reference counting breaks NetworkInterface::list()
- fixed SF# 1720733: Poco::SignalHandler bug
- fixed SF# 1718724: Poco::StreamCopier::copyStream loops forever
- fixed SF# 1718437: HashMap bug
- changed LinearHashTable iterator implementation. less templates -> good thing.
- fixed SF# 1733964: DynamicAny compile error
- UUIDGenerator: fixed infinite loop with non ethernet interfaces
- updated expat to 2.0.1
- fixed SF# 1730566: HTTP server throws exception
- Glob supports symbolic links (additional flag to control behavior)
- fixed a problem with non blocking connect in NetSSL_OpenSSL
- fixed a problem with SSL renegotiation in NetSSL_OpenSSL (thanks to Sanjay Chouksey for the fix)
- fixed SF# 1714753: NetSSL_OpenSSL: HTTPS connections fail with wildcard certs
- HTTPClientSession: set Host header only if it's not already set (proposed by EHL)
- NetworkInterface (Windows): Loopback interface now has correct netmask;
interfaces that do not have an IP address assigned are no longer reported.
- Fixes for VC++ W4 warnings from EHL
- SharedMemory: first constructor has an additional "server" parameter
Setting to true does not unlink the shared memory region when the SharedMemory object is destroyed. (Alessandro Oliveira Ungaro)
- fixed SF# 1768231: MemoryPool constructor
- fixed SF# 1739989: Data::RecordSet::operator = () (in 1.3 branch)
- fixed SF# 1747525: SQLite, Transactions and Session Pooling (in 1.3 branch)
- upgraded to SQLite 3.4.1
Release 1.3.0 (2007-05-07)
- added HashMap, HashSet classes
- the HashFunction class template has been changed in an incompatible
way. The member function formerly named hash() is now the function
call operator. If you have defined your own HashFunction classes,
you have to update your code. Sorry for the inconvenience.
- added Poco::Tuple
- added AbstractCache::getAllKeys(), improved performance of the get operation
- fixed AbstractCache::size() to do cache replacement before returning the size
- added additional match() method to RegularExpression and documented the fact that the simple
match() method internally sets RE_ANCHORED and RE_NOTEMPTY.
- added ExpirationDecorator template. Decorates data types so that they can be used with UniqueExpireCaches
- added operator ! to AutoPtr and SharedPtr
- Buffer uses std::size_t instead of int
- Exception::what() now returns exception name instead of message
- added poco_ndc_dbg() macro (same as poco_ndc(), but only enabled in debug builds)
- added Environment::get(name, defaultValue);
- Foundation.h now includes Config.h at the very beginning.
- added replace() and replaceInPlace() to Poco/String.h
- added AutoPtr::assign() and SharedPtr::assign()
- added operator () to AbstractEvent
- gcc Makefiles now strip release builds
- Void now has a == and != operator
- Base64Encoder and HexBinaryEncoder now support an unlimited line length
(no newlines written), by specifying a line length of 0
- NumberParser now has stricter syntax requirements: garbage following a number leads to a SyntaxException
(Thanks to for the suggestion)
- fixed SF# 1676830: Don't use -rpath in libraries
- fixed SF# 1670279: AbstractConfiguration::unckeckedExpand crash
- fixed a warning in Hashtable
- HTTPClientSession now uses a keepAliveTimeout for better persistent connection handling
- added DateTime::makeUTC() and DateTime::makeLocal()
- added another constructor to LocalDateTime
- POCO_WIN32_UTF8 is ignored on non-Windows platforms
- fixed a timeout bug (with NetSSL) in HTTPSession
- AsyncChannel is automatically opened with first log()
- minor fix to NotificationQueue sample (reported by Laszlo Keresztfalvi)
- added File::canExecute() and File::setExecutable()
- added SharedMemory class to Foundation
- added FileStream, FileInputStream, FileOutputStream to Foundation
- added NodeAppender class to XML for faster DOM tree creation
- HTTPServerRequest and HTTPServerResponse are now abstract base classes,
actual functionality has moved into HTTPServerRequestImpl and
HTTPServerResponseImpl. This allows us to plug other HTTP servers
into POCO.
- added DynamicAny class to Foundation
- replaced std::fstream with Poco::FileStream across POCO.
- added Poco::Checksum class to Foundation.
- fixed SF# 1700811: conflict in threadpool
- bugfix: File::moveTo() does not work if the target is a directory
- File::copyTo() and File::moveTo() now copy/move directories recursively
- refactored NetworkInterface (now using pimpl idiom);
added broadcast address and netmask support
- fixed SF# 1688982: POP3ClientSession fails when retrieving mails with attachment
- fixed SF# 1655104: Enhance Poco::TextEncoding functionality
- added Poco::Condition class, implementing a POSIX-style condition variable
- fixed a bug in File::create() for Windows
- added poco_static_assert (imported from boost)
- added Thread::join(timeout) and Thread::tryJoin()
- ClassLoader support for named manifests (see ClassLibrary.h - POCO_EXPORT_NAMED_MANIFEST)
- POCO_WIN32_UTF8: UNICODE #define is no longer required (and no longer
automatically defined in POCO_WIN32_UTF8 is defined)
- PCRE: upgraded to PCRE version 7.1
- fixed SF# 1682162: Suggestion on thread priority
- fixed SF# 1613460: MSVC/STLPort warnings
- fixed SF# 1709358: Format double percent std::String bug
- added WindowsConsoleChannel class to Foundation
- added AutoPtr::unsafeCast<>() and SharedPtr::unsafeCast<>()
- fixed SF# 1708552: Failed to build on arm and powerpc
- fixed SF$ 1708529: Failed to build using GCC 4.3: missing #includes
- fixed SF# 1710053: LogStream proposal
- fixed a bug involving empty root directories in Windows DirectoryIterator implementation
- robustness improvements to ActiveMethod - removed the opportunity for memory leaks in
case something goes while invoking the method
- made C library usage more C++-like - use C++ headers (e.g. <cstring>) instead of
C ones (<string.h>). Also, use C library functions in std namespace.
- added Unicode and UTF8String for improved Unicode support.
The Unicode class can be used to obtain the Unicode properties of a character.
The UTF8 class provides case insensitive comparison and case conversion
for UTF-8 encoded strings.
- added UnWindows.h header file, replaced all #include <windows.h> with #include "Poco/UnWindows.h".
See the Poco/UnWindows.h header file for a rationale and explanations.
- fixed SF# 1713820: StreamSocketImpl::sendBytes sends too many bytes
- File::copyTo(): on Windows, the copy now always has the read-only flag reset, to be consistent
with other platforms.
- With Microsoft Visual C++, the necessary POCO libraries are now implicitly linked when
the corresponding header files are included (#pragma comment(lib, "PocoXYZ.lib") is used).
To disable this, compile POCO with the preprocessor symbol POCO_NO_AUTOMATIC_LIBS #define'd
(see Poco/Foundation.h and Poco/Config.h).
- The Visual Studio project files for the POCO libraries now include configurations
for building static libraries.
Release 1.2.9 (2007-02-26)
- fixed a formatting problem in Util::HelpFormatter
- HTTPClientSession::sendRequest() now attempts to send the complete request in one network packet.
- improved network performance of ChunkedOutputStream: chunk size and chunk data
are sent in one network packet if possible
- fixed SF# 1655035: Wrong expires field calculation in HTTPCookie
(thanks to Sergey N. Yatskevich for this and other fixes)
- fixed SF# 1655049: Fix discrepancy of a code to the description
- fixed SF# 1655170: Poco::Timezone::standardName() problem on WIN32
- fixed SF# 1629095: POCO_WIN32_UTF8 problem
There is a new function Path::transcode() that can be used to convert a path (or any other string)
from UTF-8 to the current Windows code page. This string can the be passed as a filename
to an fstream or fopen(). This function only does the conversion on Windows,
and only, if POCO_WIN32_UTF8 is defined. Otherwise, it simply returns the unmodified argument.
- fixed SF# 1659607: Probably a bug in Poco::Net::DialogSocket
- HTTPServer network performance improvement: responses that fit into a single network packet
sent with HTTPServerResponse::sendFile() or the new HTTPServerResponse::sendBuffer() are
sent in only one packet.
- added HTTPServerResponse::sendBuffer()
- HTTPServer now sends a Bad Request response if it fails to parse the HTTP request header.
- HTTPServer now sends an Internal Server Error response if the request handler throws an
exception prior to sending a response.- enabled TCP_NODELAY per default on TCPServer/HTTPServer
- fixed a bug in HTTP persistent connection handling
(server does not send Connection: close when it reaches connection maximum)
- HTMLForm - POST submission of URL encoded form no longer uses chunked transfer encoding
(thus improving interoperability with certain web servers)
- integrated Environment.cpp from Main (missing get(var, default))
- added missing AutoPtr include to Util/Application
(and using Poco::AutoPtr is no longer necessary for POCO_APP_MAIN macro)
- fixed SF# 1635420: Per Regents of the University of Calfornia letter,
remove advertising from BSD licensed parts
- fixed SF# 1633133: MultipartWriter writes superluous CR-LF at beginning
Release 1.2.8 (2007-01-04)
- fixed SF# 1613906: Util/Application.h and GCC 3.3
- fixed a byte order issue (failed test) in IPv6 address formatting
- fixed SF# 1626640: Poco::Net::SocketReactor bug
- fixed client side chunked transfer encoding handling
- fixed client side persistent connection handling
- fixed SF# 1623536: HTTP Server Chunked Transfer Encoding Bug
- improved HTTP server exception text
- fixed SF# 1616294: KeepAlive HTTPServerSession patch
- fixed SF# 1616296: Trivial Poco::TaskCustomNotification patch
- fixed SF# 1619282: PurgeStrategy bug fix
- fixed SF# 1620855: Format problem
there is a new format specifier %z for std::size_t, as well as a new
flag ? for %d, %i, %o, %x meaning any signed or unsigned integer
Release 1.2.7 (2006-12-07)
- Poco::File: fixed root directory handling
- fixed UUIDGenerator documentation
- clarified Application::setUnixOptions() documentation
- fixes for issue [SOAPLite Transport 0000023]: SOAP Transport Listener should be able to use existing HTTPServer instance
- fixing mantis issues 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21
- fixed SF# 1597022: Signed/unsigned warning in StringTokenizer::operator[]
- fixed SF# 1598601: Message::op= leaks
- fixed SF# 1605960: PatternFormatter crashes on custom property
- fixed SF# 1605950: Memory leak in Logger sample code
- fixed SF# 1591635: Copy Paste Error in sample code
- fixed SF# 1591512: SMTPClientSession response stream
- fixed SF #1592776: LayeredConfiguration: getRaw should enumerate in reverse order
- SF Patch # 1599848 ] VS 2005 Util build fails
- Logger::dump() now uses std::size_t instead of int for buffer size
- LayeredConfiguration now supports a priority value for each configuration.
Also, it's possible to specify for each configuration added whether it
should be writeable.
- ServerApplication: cd to root directory only if running as a daemon
- added Message::swap()
- improvements to build system:
global Makefile has correct dependencies for samples
on Windows, samples build after libraries are ready
configure supports --no-wstring and --no-fpenvironment flags
build system supports POCO_FLAGS environment variable for compiler flags
- RemoteGen: fixed error handling for write protected files (SystemException)
fixing integral constant overflow messages with large cache expiration, m_ support for type serializers,
case-insensitive comparison added
Release 1.2.6 (2006-11-19)
- added additional match() method to RegularExpression and documented the fact that the simple
match() method internally sets RE_ANCHORED and RE_NOTEMPTY.
- added ExpirationDecorator template. Decorates data types so that they can be used with UniqueExpireCaches
- added operator ! to AutoPtr and SharedPtr
- Buffer uses std::size_t instead of int
- added poco_ndc_dbg() macro (same as poco_ndc(), but only enabled in debug builds)
- Foundation.h now includes Config.h at the very beginning.
- added AutoPtr::assign() and SharedPtr::assign()
- added operator () to AbstractEvent
- gcc Makefiles now strip release builds
- documentation improvements
Release 1.2.5 (2006-10-23)
- Improved LoggingConfigurator: channel creation and configuration is now a two-step process.
This means that the previous problems with PropertyFileConfiguration and IniFileConfiguration when referencing other channels are solved.
- improved options handling: better handling of (non) ambiguities.
If both an option named "help" and one named "helper" is specified, this no longer causes ambiguity errors.
- added check for duplicate option definition
- ThreadPool bugfix: fixed a crash that occurs on Linux multiprocessor machines
(caused by an thread unsafe string assignment corrupting the heap...)
(SF# 1575315)
- improved ThreadPool performance
- XML now compiles with -DXML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T (SF# 1575174)
- fixed SF# 1572757: HTML forms can have more than one key/value pair with the same name
- got rid of the dynamic casts in Events, Events/Cache: simpler/faster Delegate < operator,
prevents some rare dynamic casts error from occuring when using StrategyCollection with Caches
- improvements to Logger and LoggingConfigurator:
* added Logger::unsafeGet()
* added Logger::setProperty(loggerName, propertyName, value)
* LoggingConfigurator now correctly (re)configures existing Loggers
(prior to this change, if a Logger named "a.b.c" existed before
the LoggingConfigurator started its work, and the LoggingConfigurator
configured a Logger named "a.b", then "a.b.c" would not inherit
the new configuration).
- improvements to SplitterChannel and EventLogChannel configuration
- improved LoggingRegistry exception messages
- MessageHeader::read() is more liberal with malformed message headers.
This fixes problems with certain network cameras sending malformed HTTP headers.
Release 1.2.4 (2006-10-02)
- some code beautifying and improvements to comments
- DOMParser now automatically sets FEATURE_NAMESPACE_PREFIXES
- fixed SF #1567051: DOMBuilder/DOMParser/NamespaceStrategy bug
- fixed SF #1567364: POCO_APP_MAIN
- added Document::getElementById() (two-argument) and getElementByIdNS()
- added another test for DOMParser
- added AutoPtr::isNull() (to be consistent with SharedPtr)
- this release again compiles on PA-RISC HP-UX systems with aCC
- added CMAKE support files contributed by Andrew J. P. Maclean
Release 1.2.3 (2006-09-14)
- configure script now checks if (auto)selected configuration is supported
- fixed SF #1552904: NamedEvent bug?
- fixed SF #1552787: POCO not handling EINTR
- fixed SF #1552846: Random::~Random uses scalar delete
- fixed SF #1552987: TLSSlot should explicitly default-construct _value
- IPAddress no longer accepts an empty address string
- split up Observer.h into AbstractObserver.h and Observer.h
- added NObserver class template which supports an AutoPtr
argument for the notification callback
- changed EchoServer sample to use NObserver
- some Windows-specific files were missing in the tarballs
Release 1.2.2 (2006-09-01)
- fixed SF # 1549973: NotificationCenter::hasObservers() returns wrong result
- fixed a memory leak in EchoServer sample
- fixed SocketReactor TimeoutNotification bug (SF #1549365, SocketNotifier::addObserver() incorrect behavior)
- fixed SF# 1549513: MultipartReader does not work with Unix-style linefeeds
- MailMessage and HTMLForm: processing of multipart messages will no longer fail if a PartHandler does not read all data from the part stream.
- added additional test case (Unix-style line ends) to MultipartReaderTest
Release 1.2.1 (2006-08-29)
- fixed Config.h header (no more #undefs)
Release 1.2.0 (2006-08-29)
- DateTime fixes: Julian Day is no longer stored internally.
Times (hours, minutes, seconds, ...) are now always taken from an utcValue (if available) and not from the Julian day.
The Julian day is only used for calculating year, month and day (except when the Julian day is the only thing we have)
This helps us get rid of rounding errors that the Julian Day arithmetic introduced.- on Windows, UUIDGenerator no longer uses Netbios, but GetAdaptersInfo instead
- The main Makefile now has correct dependencies
- updated with latest version by Caleb Epstein
- fixed SF #1542722: InflatingInputStream: buffer error
- improved Windows UTF-8 support
- added Logger::names()
- added configure script and make install target
- XMLWriter bugfix: pretty-print bug with characters() and rawCharacters()
- improvements to build system: support builds outside of source tree
- added header doc conversion tool contributed by Caleb Epstein
- fixed SF #1542618 (build/config/Linux patch)
- bugfix: BinaryReader/BinaryWriter BOM is now 16 bits, as documented
- fixed SF #1542247 (Compiler warning from OptionCallback)
- fixed SF #1542253 (ServerApplication::handleOption doesn't call Application::handleOption)
- added Application::stopOptionsProcessing()
- updated samples
- Util::Application command line handling now supports:
* argument validation (Option::validator(); see Validator, IntValidator, RegExpValidator)
* binding of argument values to config properties (Option::binding())
* callbacks for arguments (Option::callback())
* checking of required parameters
- changed header file locations:
Foundation headers are now in Poco (#include "Poco/Foundation.h")
XML headers are now in Poco/XML, Poco/SAX and Poco/DOM (#include "Poco/XML/XML.h")
Util headers are now in Poco/Util (#include "Poco/Util/Util.h")
Unfortunately, this change will break existing code. However, fixing the code is
a matter of a few global search/replace operations and can be done quickly.
On the plus side, POCO is now a much better citizen when used with other
- changed namespaces:
Foundation is now Poco
XML is now Poco::XML
Util is now Poco::Util
Net is now Poco::Net
- removed namespace macros
- fixed some warnings reported by gcc -Wall -Wextra
- fixed AutoPtr and LayeredConfiguration documentation
- improved StreamSocket::receiveBytes() doc
- added Pipe and PipeStream classes
- added support for I/O redirection (pipes) to Process::launch()
- added LogStream class (ostream interface to Logger)
- improved Makefiles (no more double-building if clean all is specified)
- added CppUnit and DateTime testsuite contributions by Andrew Marlow
- improved Cygwin and minimal MinGW support
- FileChannel: gzip compression if archived files now runs in a background thread (SF #1537481)
- POCO now compiles with large (64-bit) file support on Linux (SF #1536634)
- added format() function, which provides typesafe sprintf-like functionality (SF #1327621)
- added File::isLink()
- bugfix: dangling symbolic links in a directory no longer cause recursive remove to fail with file not found error
- added Void class (useful as argument to ActiveMethod)
- ActiveResult now supports exceptions
- bugfix: Timezone::utcOffset() and Timezone::dst() returned wrong values on Unix platforms (SF #1535428)
- added ActiveDispatcher class
- added ActiveStarter class, which is a policy used by ActiveMethod for starting methods
- ActiveRunnable moved to its own header file
- ThreadPool: added startWithPriority(), which allows for running threads with a different priority
- added error handling to dir sample
- added additional test case to HTTPServer test suite- HTMLForm: should now work with request methods other than POST and GET (all non-POST requests are treated the same as GET)
- clarified HTMLForm documentation
- HTMLForm bugfix: uploaded files no longer end up in value; PartHandler is called instead
- NameValueCollection: added get(name, defaultValue)
- added HTTPFormServer sample
- added Foundation::HashTable and SimpleHashTable
- added Net::HTTPSessionFactory
- improvements to AutoPtr and SharedPtr
- improvements to namespaces handling in XMLWriter
- Foundation Cache: fixed add implementation to match the docu: a 2nd add will now simply overwrite existing entries
- added DateTime::isValid()
- added Exception::rethrow() (virtual, must be overridden by all subclasses)
- Timer can now use a user-supplied ThreadPool
- added rethrow() to exception classes
- Net: made some constructors explicit
- Net: added SocketAddress constructor to HTTPClientSession
- Net: added HTTPSession::networkException() to check for exceptions swallowed by stream classes
- Net: added single string argument constructor to SocketAddress.
- Net: improved HTTPClientSession error handling (no more "Invalid HTTP version string" exceptions when the server prematurely closes the connection due to too much load)
- Net: improved HTTPSession error handling. Exceptions while sending and receiving data are stored for later retrieval and no longer get lost since streambufs swallow them.
- Net: added HTTPLoadTest sample
- fixed a bug when opening logfiles on Unix platforms causing an existing logfile to be truncated
- bugfix: log file purge intervals given in months did not work, due to a stupid typo
- added RawSocket and ICMP classes
- UUID: fixed a doc formatting bug
- NetworkInterface::list() now includes loopback interface on Windows (SF #1460309)
- made Exception::message() and Exception::nested() inline
- added Net::UnsupportedRedirectException
- HTTPStreamFactory throws an UnsupportedRedirectException if it encounters a redirect to https
- HTTP: fixed bad 100 Continue handling in client and server code
- added CONTRIBUTORS file
Release 1.1.2 (2006-07-07)
- Changed license to Boost license
- DBlite and NetSSL have been removed from the Boost-licensed release.
Please contact Applied Informatics ( if you're interested in them.
Release 1.1.1 (2006-04-03)
- NetSSL_OpenSSL now supports separate certificate verification
settings for client and server.
- fixed SF #1460309 (enumerating network interfaces failed on 64bit Linux)
- TCPServer no longer crashes if accept() fails
Release 1.1.0 (2006-03-23)
- events no longer require awkward += new syntax
- source code and documentation cleanups
- basic support for new compilers and platforms
Release 1.1b2 (2006-03-04)
- made NetSSL threadsafe (added locking callbacks for OpenSSL)
- improved OpenSSL initialization (random generator seeding)
- various changes to improve compatibility with various platforms
Release 1.1b1 (2006-03-03)
- New Events package in Foundation. The package supports C#-style event handling
- New Cache package in Foundation: a templates-based caching framework
- added Any class to Foundation
- added DBLite library
- fixed a memory leak with layered configurations in the application
- made POCO_DLL the default (unless POCO_STATIC is #defined)
It is no longer necessary to specify POCO_DLL in projects that use Poco
(SourceForge Patch #1408231 and Feature Request #1407575).
- added Buffer template class to Foundation
- added the UnicodeConverter utility class. This is mainly used for Windows Unicode support and probably of little use for anything else.
- added Path::resolve()
- added Windows Unicode support. This calls the Unicode variant of the Windows API functions.
For this to work, all strings must be UTF-8 encoded and POCO_WIN32_UTF8 must be defined in all compilation units.
- added StreamCopier::copyToString()
- added URIStreamOpener::unregisterStreamFactory() and new variants of URIStreamOpener::open() that also work with filesystem paths.
This fixes SourceForge Bug #1409064 and Feature Request #1409062.
- added NodeIterator::currentNodeNP() to XML library
- added some sanity checks to UTF8Encoding::convert()
- added NetSSL - SSL support for Net library, based on OpenSSL
- console output of processes launched with Process::launch() is now visible
Release 1.0.0 (2006-01-19)
- removed unnecessary console output from ProcessTest
- documentation fixes
Release 1.0b2 (2006-01-16)
- added ProcessHandle class
- Process::launch() now returns a ProcessHandle instead of a process ID.
This fixes a potential problem on Windows with Process::wait() when
the process terminates before wait() is called.
- added SplitterChannel::close()
- added Logger::destroy()
- added POP3ClientSession::deleteMessage()
- added test for Process::launch()
- documentation fixes
Release 1.0b1 (2006-01-09)
- improved recognition of Windows paths in Path::parseGuess()
- added setCurrentLineNumber()/getCurrentLineNumber() to CountingStreamBuf
- improvememts to StreamTokenizer and Token; fixed documentation
- added a workaround for some strange istream behaviour with VS 2005 and FTPClientSessionTest
- improved exception/error reporting in cppunit
- added POP3ClientSession
- added Process::launch() and Process::wait()
- added Mail sample
- added MailStream and SMTPClientSession classes
- renamed some methods in DialogSocket to make them more general
- NullPartHandler has moved out of HTMLForm.cpp into a separate file
- Base64Encoder now always writes \r\n line ends
- MessageHeader::quote has an optional addition arg controlling the treatment of whitespace
- bugfix: MultipartReader had a problem with empty lines (\r\n sequences) in a part
- added MailMessage and MailRecipient classes
- added text encoding support for Windows-1252 codepage
Release 1.0a1 (2006-01-03) [internal]
- mediaType is used consistently to refer to a MIME media type (some occurences of contentType and mimeType have been replaced)
- moved MediaType::quote() to MessageHeader and made it public
- added MultipartWriter::stream()
- Renamed AttachmentSource to PartSource and AttachmentHandler to PartHandler
- SIGPIPE is always blocked in main thread on Unix systems
- added EchoServer sample
- fixed a bug in SocketImpl::setBlocking() - did exactly the opposite (value to ioctl was wrong)
- fixed a memory leak in NotificationQueue sample
- added comparison operators to Socket so that Sockets can be used as keys in maps
- added Socket::setBlocking()
- added StreamSocket::connectNB() (non-blocking connect)
- added Observer::accepts()
- added SocketReactor, SocketConnector and SocketAcceptor classes to support event-based socket programming
- NamespacePrefixesStrategy now uses expat's XML_SetReturnNSTriplet().
The previously used separate namespace handling code has been removed.
This improves performance if NamespacePrefixesStrategy is used (both the n
amespaces and namespace-prefixes SAX2 features are used)
- upgraded expat to 2.0 pre-release (2005-12-27) snapshot
- added TeeInputStream and TeeOutputStream classes
- added download sample for URIStreamOpener
- renamed registerOpener() to registerFactory() in HTTPStreamFactory and FTPStreamFactory
- added LineEndingConverter streams
- added FTPClientSession
- code and documentation clean-up
- added DialogSocket class
- reorganized HTTP test suites
- added FTPClientSession and FTPStreamFactory
- added DialogSocket class
Release 0.96.1 (2005-12-28)
- fixed a memory leak caused by a bug in Microsoft's stream implementation (see the comment in Foundation/StreamUtil.h for an explanation)
- added samples for Net library
- added uptime() and startTime() to Util::Application
- added DateTimeFormatter::format() for Timespan
- added ErrorHandler class and better exception handling for threads
- added poco_debugger() and poco_debugger_msg() macros
- added project and solution files for Visual Studio 2005 (due to some bugs/leaks in Microsofts standard library - see
we do not recommend using this for production purposes)
- fixed two problems with out-of-range string iterator in Path (the testsuite triggered an assertion in VC++ 8.0)
- fixed mac line endings in a few files
- added a workaround to the class loader that fixes strange behavior with VC++ 8.0. There seems to be a problem with typeid() not returning a valid typeinfo under certain circumstances.
- added buffer allocator argument to buffered stream buffer templates
- added buffer pools to HTTP to reduce memory fragmentation and to improve performance
- added Net to Windows build.cmd script
- added swap() to various classes that already support assignment
- added a null pointer check in DOMWriter::writeNode()
- fixed documentation in BinaryWriter.h and BinaryReader.h
- added explicit support for network byte order to BinaryReader and BinaryWriter
- added basic support for FreeBSD (needs more testing)
- BinaryReader: renamed readRawData() to readRaw() to be consistent with BinaryWriter::writeRaw()
- added support for uppercase output to HexBinaryEncoder.
- added MediaType class
- added QuotedPrintableEncoder and QuotedPrintableDecoder classes
- renamed ObjectFactory to Instantiator. This should prevent the confusion caused by DynamicFactory and ObjectFactory. Sorry for the inconvenience if you are already using this.
- AttachmentSource::filename() now returns const string&
- added StringAttachmentSource
- replaced old-style C casts with C++ casts in NetworkInterface.cpp
- MutexImpl (WIN32): replaced InitializeCriticalSection with InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount, which should increase performance on multiprocessor or multicore systems when many locks are used.
- fixed a problem with STLport 5.0 when compiling StreamTokenizer
- HTTPStreamOpener now also works with no-path URIs (like
- fixed wrong delete usage (plain delete instead of delete [] was used in a few cases)
- fixed a handle leak in WinTestRunner
Release 0.95.4 (2005-11-07)
- fixed #1348006 and #1348005
Release 0.95.3 (2005-10-28) [internal]
- updated build scripts (patch #1339015)
- added support for AMD64 platforms (patch #1339015)
- MultipartWriter creates its own boundary if an empty string is passed in as boundary
- made MultipartWriter::createBoundary() public
- fixed wrong documentation for DateTimeFormat::HTTP_FORMAT
- added support for HTTP Basic authentication
- added support for HTTP Cookies
- added support for HTML forms
Release 0.95.2 (2005-10-22) [internal]
- fixed a potential problems with streams when close in destructor fails (added try..catch block around close in destructors)
- added HTTPServer & friends
- added hasIdleThreads() method to NotificationQueue
- added TCPServer and friend
- added support for HTTP proxies to HTTPClientSession and HTTPStreamOpener
- fixed documentation bugs (Mutex.h, ClassLoader.h)
Relesae 0.95.1 (2005-10-15) [internal]
- Tasks can now throw custom notifications (contributed by Alex Fabijanic)
- renamed URIFileStreamFactory to FileStreamFactory
- added a few methods to URI (setPathEtc(), getPathEtc(), getPathAndQuery())
- added new exception classes
- fixed some documentation
- added basic checks when reading a MessageHeader from a stream
- added HTTP classes (testsuite still incomplete)
- added MessageHeader, NameValueCollection, MultipartReader and MultipartWriter classes
- added Timespan::useconds()
- added ClassLoader::isLibraryLoaded()
- Socket classes use Timespan::useconds() to fill struct timeval
- added DatagramSocket, MulticastSocket and NetworkInterface classes
- added socket classes and related basic stuff
- added additonal constructor/assign to Timespan- added BasicBufferedBidirectionalStreamBuf
- fixed a potential MT issue in Base64Decoder
- code beautifying in [Un]BufferedStreamBuf
- more improvements to ClassLoader
- code cleanup and naming convention fixes (changed all *Imp classes to *Impl for consistency)
Release 0.94.1 (2005-09-30) [internal]
- added MetaSingleton (based on a contribution by Alex Fabijanic)
- added ClassLoader::create()
- added ClassLoader::instance()
- code clean-ups in FileChannel and related classes
- added SimpleFileChannel
- RotateAtTimeStrategy:
::getNextRollover() rewritten (buggy)
- DateTime
microseconds assert corrected
asserts in computeGregorian() (except for year - see comment in computeGregorian())
milliseconds calculation modified in computeGregorian()
microseconds assigned in computeGregorian()
normalize() and checkLimit() private functions to correct cases of overflow for milli/microseconds
- LocalDateTime: added timestamp() method
- FileChannel:
added "times" property (used to determine whether to use UTC or local time with RotateAtTimeStrategy)
::setProperty() modified (whenever "times" property is set, methods setRotation and setArchive are
reinvoked to reflect the change)
- FileChannel: added support for archived file compression and archived file purging
- FileChannel tests modified
- FileChannel: put LogFile, RotateStrategy and ArchiveStrategy into their own files
- Message: added thread id field
- PatternFormatter: added %I specifier for thread id
- ThreadPool: PooledThread can be assigned a name
- TaskManager: task name is reflected in thread name
- fixed LocalDateTime::operator - (const Timespan&) [#0000004]
- upon startup all loggers' channels are set to a console channel
- improved search for application configuration files (see loadConfiguration()).
- added Glob class (fixes #1249700)
- upgraded to zlib 1.2.3 (fixes #1261712)
- added Logger::dump()
- fixed a wrong condition in Logger::log(const Message&)
- Path::find() now also works with relative paths in addition to plain file names
- added Path(const Path&, const Path&) constructor
- added SharedPtr template
- added Path::tryParse()
- SAXParser::parse()/EntityResolverImpl now works for both URIs and local filesystem paths (fixes #1254812)
Release 0.93.1 (2005-08-01)
This release contains various new features, improvements and bugfixes:
- bugfix: UUIDGenerator throws an exception if no connected ethernet adapter can
be found (and thus no MAC address can be obtained)
- added UUIDGenerator::createOne() method
- added error handling to UUID sample application
- added relational (==, !=, <, <=, >, >=) and arithmetic operators (+, -, +=, -=) to DateTime
- added LocalDateTime class
- added support for LocalDateTime to DateTimeParser and DateTimeFormatter
- added enqueueUrgentNotification() to NotificationQueue
- added support for timezone specifiers (%z, %Z) to PatternFormatter
- added [] operator and count() to StringTokenizer
- added elapsed() and isElapsed() to Timestamp
- added tzd() to Timezone
- added WinRegistryKey and WinService classes (Windows only)
- added index operator and count() to StringTokenizer
- added day/time-based log rotation (thanks to Alex Fabijanic), minor improvements to DateTimeParser
- support for Mac OS X 10.4/gcc 4.0.0
- added NamedMutex and NamedEvent
- added Process::kill()
- added NoPermissionException
- added Task and TaskManager classes
- added ServerApplication class
- bugfix: EventLogChannel - _logFile was not properly initialized in one constructor
- bugfix: File::createDirectories did not work for hierarchies deeper than three
- added Util::FilesystemConfiguration
- documented logging policy: log() must open channel if it hasn't been opened yet
- FileChannel::log() opens channel if necessary
- the application reference passed to initialize() and reinitialize() is no longer const
- improved application logging initialization
- fixed a problem with configuration view and property placeholders
- fixed Util build configuration for Visual Studio
- improved application samples
- fixed documentation for Semaphore class
Release 0.92.1 (2005-05-09)
This release introduces the Util library that provides support for
configuration file parsing (different file formats), command line
argument processing, logging configuration and a framework for
command line/server applications.
There have also been various changes to the Foundation library:
- a new RefCountedObject class that acts as a base class for
various classes that use reference counting
- some missing members have been added to the AutoPtr template
- various improvements and bugfixes to the Logging framework, as well as
new LoggingFactory and LoggingRegistry classses, and a NullChannel class
- the SignalHandler class (Unix platforms only)
- ObjectFactory and DynamicFactory template classes
- the Path::find method for searching a file in a list of directories
- various new Exception classes
Release 0.91.4 (2005-04-11)
This is mainly a maintenance release that adds support for QNX Neutrino
and OpenVMS. There are also minor bugfixes and improvements.
The Unix build system has been modified to work on QNX Neutrino.
The OpenVMS build system has been fixed and works now.
Some missing #include's have been added for QNX Neutrino.
Foundation/String.h: icompare now supports comparison with const char*;
the classic C version of isspace() has been used in a few places instead of the
C++ <locale> version, this has been fixed.
Foundation/Exception.h: IllegalStateException added.
Release 0.91.3 (2005-03-19)
This is a maintenance release that adds support for Solaris/Sun Forte C++.
No new features have been added.
An implementation of FPEnvironment for Solaris has been included.
All stream classes have been modified to work around an initialization
problem that surfaced with Sun's C++ compiler when using STLport.
Source-code compatibility with the previous release is not affected. Various
minor changes, mostly adding missing #include's for Solaris.
Release 0.91.2 (2005-02-27)
Minor improvements to the Unix build system. No actual changes in the
Release 0.91.1 (2005-02-21)
This is the first public release of the C++ Portable Components.
The release does not contain all features planned for the later 1.0 release
(the NET library is missing, for example), but is already quite usable.
Please refer to the README file for more information and instructions for
building the libraries.
$Id: //poco/1.4/dist/CHANGELOG#59 $
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