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CocoaPods support #135

jasperblues opened this Issue · 4 comments

3 participants

Jasper Blues Aleksandar Fabijanic Günter Obiltschnig
Jasper Blues

I want to be able to install libPoco into my projects using the popular CocaoPods ( library manager. . . Usually CocoaPods builds dependencies by source. I'm checking, but I don't think CocoaPods supports build with Gnu Auto Tools. . . .

. . . the workaround would be to have a build server upload pre-built iOS and OSX binaries to a directory on the/a github page.

Would you be insterested in having a directory of pre-built binaries. I could supply the build-server and scripts for iOS and OSX dialy builds. . . . Otherwise I will create a specific "PocoPods" fork that does this. . . (I would have to write a script or something to pull in tags and publish builds). . .

Aleksandar Fabijanic

Would you be insterested in having a directory of pre-built binaries.

Yes, we are interested. We are planning an integrated CI system ( most likely based on CruiseControl ) and this fits into that effort. I will provide some build environments, but Günter has more details on the overall plan. He'll be back from vacation in a week or so and can provide more information about it.

Jasper Blues
Aleksandar Fabijanic

sounds fine, btw do you have any experience with travis? I played with it a bit and found the build environment very limited and constrained for our case.

Jasper Blues
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