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Request: NetworkInterface::adapterName() #148

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The NetworkInterface class provides two accessors to names: name() and displayName().

I would like to request that adapterName() be added to that list as some Windows network API's (DHCP is an example) use the AdapterName (GUID or LUID i believe) as input parameter.

I realise that there are helper functions for converting indexes to different names or identifiers but they are only available on Windows Vista or later.

On other operating systems I guess that the adapter name will be the same as name() and displayName() just as name() and displayName() are the same..

POCO C++ Libraries member

I'm fine with this but if you want it in 1.5.2 , you'll have to implement it yourself and send pull request.


I have submitted a pull request.

This is my first attempt at git so I hope I have done it correctly.

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POCO C++ Libraries member

Looks good, I'll test it before 1.5.2 release.

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