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Hi all,

I'm just trying to compile under MinGW32-W64 compiler.

Here there are some patches. I think that 91c8f61 can be used to format strings without check the potinters size. This code can be used also in other places, removing the printf-like code.
4c87b5f must be also included because when we compile using mingw-make tool, the directory schema uses the Windows convention (C:/xxxxx) instead Cygwin (/c/....). $(CURDIR) is filled by make tool with the correct value.



POCO C++ Libraries member

for performance reasons, we try to avoid std streams for functionality like this one

POCO C++ Libraries member

I reviewed all the proposed changes. Most are good, but some we can not merge:

  • we will not use std streams for number/string conversion; iomanip is performance killer
  • we refrain from modifying embedded third-party code
  • only member variables begin with _; please see the Coding Style Guide

The rest seems fine; please do modify and resubmit the pull.

@aleks-f aleks-f added the enhancement label May 30, 2014

most of these are useless now as you can cross-compile with cmake, see PR #651, #652, #653, #654
b399587, b2bdc0d( "Fix compilation on WIN64 target") are useless as _WIN32 is also defined when WIN64 is.
0076696 & 1e80c64 might be interesting though.

@aleks-f aleks-f added a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 1, 2015
@aleks-f aleks-f Mingw64 #414 (small portion) 1b9aac5
POCO C++ Libraries member

0076696 merged, the rest passed on

@aleks-f aleks-f closed this Jan 1, 2015
@aleks-f aleks-f added this to the Release 1.6.1 milestone Jan 1, 2015
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