Feature Sponsorship

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The ongoing development and maintenance of the POCO C++ Libraries requires a lot of resources. That is why sponsors are needed to help funding the project. In addition to standard sponsorship levels we also gladly accept feature sponsors who pay for the development of specific features for POCO. Examples for features implemented with the help of sponsors are Windows Embedded Compact 2013 support, VxWorks support, Windows-native NetSSL (Schannel) and global proxy configuration.

Please contact Applied Informatics if you are interested in funding a specific feature.

Following is a list of proposed features looking for a sponsor. However, feel free to propose other features as well.

Data connector for Oracle

A native Data backend for talking to Oracle databases.

Asynchronous I/O

Asynchronous I/O support in POCO for highly scalable network server applications, comparable to boost asio or libuv, but well integrated into POCO.

Some more ideas can be found here.

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