A "Hello, world" of Scaloid for sbt.
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Hello Scaloid for sbt

This is a template project that can be a starting point of a new Scaloid project.

This contains minimum code as possible; therefore easy to run, examine and extend.


  • sbt 0.13.5 or above
  • JDK 1.7 or above
  • Android build tools 20.0.0 or above
  • Android SDK Level 16
  • Level 16 is required for building, while this app retains runtime compatibility from API Level 10. Please refer to minSdkVersion property in AndroidManifest.xml


You can build this project using sbt:

$ sbt android:package

This will compile the project and generate an APK.


$ sbt android:run

For more command, refer to android-sdk-plugin for sbt.


A simple Robolectric test is implemented. You can run it with:

$ sbt test

Tips for faster development iteration

In sbt, ~ is a prefix that repeatedly runs the command when the source code is modified.


This sbt command schedules to execute compile-package-deploy-run process after you save the edited source code. Compiling and packaging runs incrementally, so this iteration takes about only few seconds.

If you use default AVD, try genymotion or other faster virtual device. Deploying apk to the device becomes much faster!

Using IntelliJ IDEA

We recommend to use IntelliJ, not Eclipse.

Generate the local.properties file

 $ android update project -p src/main --target android-16 # in the root of the project


Make sure the Scala & SBT plugins are installed in IntelliJ IDEA

Import the SBT project

File -> Open... -> select project root folder -> OK -> Check "Use auto-import" & for Project SDK, select an Android API platform -> Finish. Choose to configure the android project when IDEA asks.

Edit the generated run configuration. Add 'Android application' configuration. Remove the 'Before launch: Make' then add a new SBT command android:package then tab out or it will not save, then click OK then OK.

You now should be able to run and debug from the run configuration like normal.


Troubleshooting IntelliJ

Local path doesn't exist. when Intellij tries to deploy the apk.

File -> Project Structure -> Modules -> hello-scaloid-sbt -> Android -> Packaging -> Then choose the APK Path for the apk. For this project it should be in .../bin/hello-scaloid-sbt-debug.apk

Build error Android SDK build-tools not available

The most likely cause of this error is that your SDK build-tools are old. Update the Android SDK and retry.

Further Reading