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Scaloid is a library that simplifies your Android code. It makes your code easy to understand and maintain by leveraging Scala language.


  • Write elegant Android software
    Scaloid provides a concise and type-safe way of writing Android application.
  • Simple to use
    Check the quick start guide
  • Compatible with your legacy code
    You can use both Scaloid and plain-old Java Android API. You can gradually improve your legacy code.
  • Maintained actively
    Scaloid is a dogfooding software. This is originally created to be used for my own Android apps.


Fork one of this to start a new project:

Learn how Scaloid can be used in action:

Let's make it together!

This software is licensed under the Apache 2 license. If you have any idea to improve Scaloid, feel free to open issues or post patches. If you want look into inside of Scaloid, this document would be helpful:

We are hiring!

The company behind Scaloid, onsquare is hiring Scala developers. Employees need to work at onsquare office located at Incheon, Korea. Please send us your CV via email if you are interested in working at onsqure. pocorall@gmail.com