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Contributing to podStation

This are the types of contributions we are currently looking for (but not limited to):

  • ideas
  • new features (implementation or request)
  • bug reports
  • spreading the word (forums, social network, word of mouth)
  • starring our reports in github (in case they are relevant for you)

You can contribute with podStation by sending pull requests directly or creating issues on the corresponding repositories in case you need help or feel like you need to discuss something.
Crazy ideas are welcome, so do not be afraid of looking stupid.
Also, if something is not clear, it is probably my fault, so do not refrain from making questions.


There are no strong guidelines yet, but consider the following practices:

  • Use Markdown for documentation
    • Do not use line breaks unless it is an actual line break
  • Pull request first - TL;DR - Create a pull request as soon as you have your fist commit, document briefly in the PR's description what you intend to do, so that you can have feedback as early as possible. Use task lists to keep your work in progress transparent.
  • Let the branch name do all the talking

This practices are, of course, up to debate, so feel free to create an issue in case you want to discuss them.