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a podman wrapper
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podenv: a podman wrapper

Please note that this is a work in progress, the schema maybe subject to change.

Podenv provides a declarative interface to manage containers' environment.

Overview and scope

At a high level, the scope of podenv is the following:

  • Highlevel capability system to define container resources.
  • Automatic image management to optimize as much as possible the runtime memory.
  • Support desktop application and custom network isolation for VPNs.
  • Convenient command line and configuration files.

Podenv is similar to toolbox or flatpak and it is inspired by nix-shell and guix environment.


Podenv documentation is organized into the following four sections:


These guides help you get your hands dirty with working examples:


These cookbooks teach you how to solve specific tasks:


These posts explain the context and motivation behind this tool:


These comprehensive resources cover details that other texts will gloss over:

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