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#PoderVocabulary: A Vocabulary for Poderopedia ###Version:20120418

Visualization of schema available at http://bit.ly/podervocab

Full schema available at http://dev.poderopedia.com/documentation/index

Spanish version of this document in leeme.md

##Introduction PoderVocabulary is a news-focused vocabulary for identifying and expressing relationships of power and influence of people, companies and organizations. PoderVocabulary is based on OWL (Web Ontology Language), Friend-of-a-friend (FOAF) and BIO, an extension of FOAF, focused on biographical information. Starting from those vocabularies, PoderVocabulary incorporates what we call "Connections," that is, relations between people, companies, organizations and news, with some context - adding several new classes and subclasses of connections.

PoderVocabulary was originally created by Poderopedia.org (a project by Poderomedia Foundation with funding from a 2011 Knight News Challenge grant by the Knight Foundation), that aims to promote greater transparency in Chile by mapping and visualizing the relationships among the country's elite. While PoderVocabulary is originally designed to be focus on Chilean political, civic and business leaders, PoderVocabulary can be used in other contexts with minor or no modifications at all.

PoderVocabulary is released under GPL3 and is free to use. You can fork this project and deploy it with your own modifications. Please see the LICENSE file for details.

#Getting help If you'd like to contribute to PoderVocabulary or need some assistance, please open an issue or do a pull request. We will do our best to answer and include your changes when possible.