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About Plug & Play

Poderopedia Plug & Play Platform is a Data Intelligence Management System that allows you to create and manage large semantic datasets of information about entities, map and visualize entity connections, include entity related documents, add and show sources of information and news mentions of entities, displaying all the information in a public or private website, that can work as a standalone product or as a public searchable database that can interoperate with a Newsroom website providing rich contextual information for news content using it`s archive.

Poderopedia Plug & Play Platform is a free open source software (see License) developed by the Poderomedia Foundation, thanks to the generous support of a Knight News Challenge 2011 grant by the Knight Foundation, a Startup Chile 2012 grant and a 2013 fellowship grant by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), to: a) Develop Poderopedia.org, a collaborative data journalism website that maps who is who in politics and business, and... b) Develop the Plug & Play Platform and release it for anyone to use it.

You can fork this project and deploy it with your own modifications. Please see the License file for details.

#Getting help If you'd like to contribute to Poderopedia Plug & Play Platform or need some assistance, please open an issue or do a pull request. We will do our best to answer and include your changes when possible.

What's included in this Documentation

This Documentation includes all the necessary elements and information for installing, setting up and customizing the Poderopedia Plug & Play Platform for your project, including the technical documentation and open source technology used in the platform (see Technology) so you can run the Platform and Website/s as you see fit.

The goal of this Documentation is to explain step by step what you need and have to do to setup a standalone instance of Poderopedia Plug & Play Platform, to be used in your project with multiuser self administration system that will allow you to run and mantain a public website and semantic searchable database of entities, connections between entities, profiles of entities, maps of connections of entities, documents, sources and news related to entities.

The Poderopedia Plug & Play Platform will also allow you to receive, vet and manage collaborations from registered users and be approved or rejected by your project editors in the Plug & Play Management system.


1.- What is Plug & Play?

2.- Features

3.- Technology

4.- Installing

5.- Web server configuration

6.- Settings

  • Setting up Plug & Play
  • Setting up PoderVocabulary
  • Setting up Solr
  • Setting up Documentcloud

7.- Customizing your Plug&Play appearance

8.- API Documentation

9.- User Manual Plug & Play

10.- Supporters and License