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  • Introduction
  • Requirements
  • Initial Configuration


Plug&Play-1.0RC, is componed by two web2py applications:

  • admin: the poderopedia administrator
  • poderopedia: the poderopedia frontend (public-site)

Requirements for Plug&Play1.0RC

  • github
  • Python 2.7 installed
  • web2py Framework installed and running.
  • A Database (MySql or PostgreSQL) installed
  • Additional Python libs urllib2, request, libxml2, rdflib, rdfAlchemy
  • Web Server (for Production environments) Nginx / Apache (script for config both web-servers are provided in the Script directory). Example scripts> .

Optional Requirements for Production

  • Memcached (if you plan use a caching server)


You must clone the github repo, under the applications directory in the web2py installation:

cd path_to web2py

git clone applications

This will create two folder under the applications directory (admin and poderopedia).


Initial Configuration

For admin: There are 3 main config files in the models directory:

  • - contains all mayor settings (database_uri, meta-content, application name, mail-server settings, etc.)
  • 0_memcached - the connection config for the memcached server.
  • - tou must
  • - contains the credentials to autentificate in

You must write your settings in these 3 files.

Additonally in at first you must change the line:

settings.migrate = False


settings.migrate = True

After that you should create a symbolic link for uploads directory.

ln -s /path-web2py/applications/template_app/uploads /path-web2py/applications/admin_app/uploads

If you plan use sqlite database you should create a symbolic link for database directory

ln -s /path-web2py/applications/template_app/databases /path-web2py/applications/admin_app/databases

For poderopedia (frontend):

  • - contains all mayor settings (database_uri, meta-content, application name, mail-server settings, etc.)
  • 0_memcached - the connection config for the memcached server.

database_uri must have the same credentials that you wrote for the admin application.

Testing the admin Installation

In localhost, you must check http://localhost:8000/admin_app

At this point you have created all data models in your database, you only need Pre-populate some data. After this you need change the migrate attribute in the file from True to False, for example: settings.migrate=False

Pre - Populate (admin):

Before running the full application you needs some initial data (pre-polulate the database and identifying the super-Adminsitrator. For pre-populate the data you must access to the following url in localhost: http://localhost:8000/admin_app/install

Retrieve Documents Metadata from DocumentCloud (admin)

If you have a Repo in DocumentCloud, you may choose to link all documents in that repo, with Plug&Play. For that purpose you have to choose the 'Load metadata from DocumentCloud' option in the Adminstration > DocumentCloud Menu. The operation takes time if you have a large repo.

Testing the Frontend (poderopedia)

In localhost, you must check http://localhost:8000/. If you have any error ticket or page 404, you need to check your config settings in

That's it.

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