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Customizing your Plug&Play appearance

Plug & Play Platform is provided with a basic website Theme and Templates.

You can customized and modified the look and feel and make all the changes you may want to the Theme and Templates. Please acknowledge and credit the use of Theme and Templates as Theme by Poderopedia Plug & Play.

Changing the Look & Feel (FrontEnd)

The appearance of the site is building in 5 main templates under the poderopedia/views directory:

  • visualizacionLayout.html: the all-include layout for all entity profiles and connections.
  • visualizacionLayoutCuentas.html: for the user-area layout.
  • visualizacionLayoutCuentas2.html: for the user-login and response messages in the user-area layout.
  • visualizacionLayoutDocument.html: for the DocumentCloud and the data visualization layout.
  • visualizacionLayoutEstaticas: for statics pages like about, teams, etc.

The header and footer files are located in the views/includes directory:

  • footer.html (same for all layouts)
  • header-publico.html (public header)
  • header-privado.html (private header when an user is logged)

All the static files (js, css, images files) are under the static directory:

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